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Community Appreciation Day

Students at TCHS will be performing jobs such as raking, pulling weeds, cleaning gardens, and washing windows on Wednesday, October 25.

The community does a great deal for TCHS, and we would like to say thanks by providing helping hands on odd jobs that anyone in the community may have.  Our students have the opportunity to give back to their community, work with a variety of people, learn cooperative work skills, apply problem solving, and feel good about helping others.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, would like to sponsor a small group on that day, or have a job for us, please call 743-2061 by Monday, October 23.


Knowing the performance date is fast approaching, students are hard at work rehearsing their lines and songs for Last Chance High.

Last Chance High

The TCHS CHOIR will present the musical Last Chance High Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the TCHS auditorium.

The wild gang of misfits from Public School Maximum Security refer to their school as Last Chance High, and it’s a very fitting name. Bronco Ranchwear, played by Bernard Giefer, is the gung-ho principal who terrorizes both students and faculty alike. Just as torturous is the cafeteria scene, where the Bag Lady “dietician,” played by senior Codi Bliss, creates unusual menus. When preppy students from San Fernando Valley arrive, they protest that they’ve been sent to the wrong place because of a computer error. They’re horrified to discover the doors are locked--nobody can get in or out! There’s only one thing to do--Breakout!

Other seniors participating in this musical comedy are Cassidi Hickson (Evelina Culpepper), Ranchwear’s secretary who has her hands full trying to deal with Ranchwear. Also Student Teachers Grace’ Glatz (Nina Nolan) and Autumn Maskrid (Lydia Colgate) are sent to the wrong school, Last Chance High, and have many things to deal with. Valerie Scott (Fabiola Buena Vista) is an investigative reporter, checking out some strange activities at this school. Michael Knight (Jaws) and Kayla Stefan (Thelma) are part of the wild student bunch, and Jayden Goff is Mrs. Tadpole (Janitor) and a Girl Scout.

Join these seniors, as well as the other TCHS Choir members for this funny, zany musical comedy on November 10 and November 11. Tickets are $4 for students and $5 for adults.


Chef Zach Gibbs

Chef Zach

Visiting the culinary kids on September 19, Chef Zach Gibbs demonstrates how to properly cook noodles.  

By Julian Coker
On September 19, Chef Zach Gibbs visited TCHS to teach the culinary class about the basics of cooking.

He taught the class how to make fresh Alfredo sauce from scratch. He showed them how to chop parsley properly and quickly with a knife, crush and peel garlic, and mince and sauté the garlic. He demonstrated how to tell if a pan is too hot or too cold and to tell if a noodle is cooked completely.

Some of the students from the class commented on the experience.

“I enjoyed tasting noodles made from Italy.”

“His cooking looked professional by the way he was doing things and the food was really good.”

Several students were impressed by some foods they thought they would never eat. “The opportunity to taste muscle was awesome, they are good,” stated one.

Overall, the students learned how to dry out parsley, mince food, “plate up” the dish, store noodles, prep a meal, thicken or thin a sauce, and clean up properly. They also learned that “it is possible to make several dishes out of just one item such as Alfredo sauce.”


Meet Senior--Cassidi Hickson

Cassidi Hickson
Enjoying one of her favorite classes, choir, Cassidi Hickson reads her script to help the musical, to be presented by the choir class Veteran’s Day weekend, all fit together.
By Helen Giefer
With her time as a TCHS Eagle coming to an end, Cassidi Hickson has many plans for her future.

After high school, Hickson plans to go to Fort Hays State University and enter the nursing program. To make her last year at Trego memorable, Hickson looks forward to attending “every event that I can and make the most out of it with my friends.”

Hickson has enjoyed choir and woods most out of her classes and will even play the leading girl’s part in the play for choir this year. However, she wishes she had paid better attention in social science classes.

Not regretting anything from her high school career, Hickson believes she would not have done anything differently. Some lasting memories from her last four years are the Friday night football games.

Her time at TCHS has impacted Hickson’s life for the better. She stated, “high school has taught me so much. I learned how to be more responsible, and I learned who I can really trust and call my friends.” With all of her experience in high school, Hickson gave some helpful advice for the underclassmen.

“Pay attention and do your best in classes even in your first years of high school. You may not think it matters, but it does.” Hickson concluded by advising underclassmen to attend more sporting events, dances, and parties, and to “make the most of high school.”




A day filled with agricultural learning

Kids Ag. Day
Keeping a firm grip on her goat, Ziva, Hadley Folsom watches as a group of fourth graders approach the pen.  Folsom spoke about caring for her goat at the Kids Ag Day, and the students enjoyed petting Ziva.

By Grace’ Glatz
Fourth and fifth graders from Trego Grade School, Ellis Grade School, and Western Plains Grade School all attended the Kids Ag Day held at the fairgrounds on October 4.

While a few WaKeeney FFA members brought animals so the kids had a chance to have a hands on learning experience, the other members led students to various stations around the fairgrounds. From the looks of the day, the students seemed to be having fun while still learning. Senior Codi Bliss said, “I think the kids enjoyed the day because most of the kids that attended don’t get to experience agricultural life on a daily basis.”

Others that presented were Bronc Barrows, WOW; Lois Keller with the Kansas Wheat Commission, Wheat; Candice Fitch-Dietz, Pollinators; Jason Schneider, Farm Equipment; Dustin Becker, Water Jeopardy; Kansas Soybean Commission, Soybeans; Dr. Andrew Tucker, Kelsey Stremel, and Jerret Pfannenstiel, Animal Byproducts and Drones; and Nelle Newman and Chad Miller, Frontier Ag.

Blair Nickelson, the Trego FFA sponsor, organizes a Kids Ag Day every year and commented on its importance.

"Fourth and the fifth graders from the surrounding areas need to be able to capture the idea of where their food comes from and how it is grown along with learning the safety that comes with it.”




Meet senior Sarah Schoenberger

During the pep rally, Sarah Schoenberger spreads school spirit for the Trego Eagles.
By Julian Coker
Senior year has come, and Sarah Schoenberger plans to attend Fort Hays State University to major in psychology.

Schoenberger plans to make her senior year memorable by “enjoying each moment.”

When asked what class she enjoyed the most, Schoenberger said, “I enjoyed my woods classes every year.” However, when asked what class she should have paid better attention in, Schoenberger said, “I probably should’ve paid more attention in my history classes.”

Aside from the classroom, high school has impacted her life by “teaching me who is really there for me, and who is there because we’re classmates,” stated Schoenberger.

Schoenberger’s advice for underclassman would be to “respect EVERYONE.”

When asked if she would have done anything differently in her high school career, Schoenberger said, “I wish I would have spent more time going out with my friends.”

As her senior year comes to a close, one thing Schoenberger will never forget is “suburban rides with the cheerleaders to and from games.”



Trego cross country runs to Ogallah

Ogallah Run
Running against a spectacular background painted by Mother Nature,  Helen Giefer smiles to show her enjoyment of the run.

By Wyndom Giefer
On Saturday, September 30, the Trego cross country team met at the swimming pool park to prepare for the arduous run to Ogallah.

The team headed out around 8:30. To warm up, the team jogged to the Catholic Church where they stopped to stretch. A mile after they left, they hit dirt. The weather was not the best as there were occasional gusts of wind.

After the athletes finished the almost nine mile run, the ones who supported the run offered rides back to town where they would enjoy some rewarding pizza.

Those who helped give encouragement as well as water were the following: Dawn Howard, Vicki Doxon, Bob Doxon, Sean Conness, Angela Wilds, and Seth Wilds.

Evan Wilds stated “Everyone felt accomplished at the end.”


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