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Seminar group holds cooking competition for food pantry



Meet senior Treygan Desair


Looking forward to graduation day, Treygan Desair has found his time here at TCHS to be memorable.

By Erin Oh
Almost at the end of the last high school year, senior Treygan Desair said high school has impacted his life.

Of all classes he took in high school, senior Treygan Desair has enjoyed business classes. Also, he mentioned that he has been doing fine in most of his classes. He advised underclassman, “Take it slow and enjoy the moment. Don’t let people or teachers choose your path.”

For something or some event about high school he knows he will never forget, he answered, “I’ll never forget any of it because it has impacted my life so hard that some things you’ll never forget.”

After high school, Desair is planning on traveling for a little while and explore life before ‘becoming broke.”






We’re all in this together

Smiling after a race, sisters Helen and Sybil Giefer gather close for a picture.

By Cambrie Kemp

Out of the students who walk these halls, many have one thing in common: family. Some of the students at TCHS were asked to reflect on their thoughts about attending high school with their brother(s) or sister(s).

Answering what the highs of being a part of the same school are, students responded that they enjoy getting a little extra help with their homework, getting rides to and from school and the occasional enjoyment of annoying them. On the downside, some students expressed that they do not particularly like being embarrassed by their sibling. Freshman, Alyssa Schneider stated that the worst part of going to school with her senior brother, Dallas Schneider, is “when I walk by him his way of saying “hi” is pushing me.” Senior, Keagan Shubert, mentioned “Kobi can't get ready on time in the morning,” almost causing them to be late.

Although going to school with siblings can be frustrating at times, there are funny moments that make up for all the headaches. Jessika Chapman pointed out one humorous occasion when her sister almost fell off the stage in choir multiple times. Helen Giefer, senior, mentioned that she enjoys giving her brother and sister a cheesy smile or a high five while crossing paths on the way to class.

Describing his sisters in three words, Wyndom Giefer, sophomore, responded, “Ecstatic for running!”

Kynlie Burkhart, freshman, stipulated when filling out the survey, her junior brother, Colby Burkhart, owes her waffles.

“Siblings: a combination of a best friend and a pain in the neck.” -- Unknown



Trego Show wows crowd

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By Jamie Haddaway
On March 5, the TCHS Choir hosted their annual Trego Show in the auditorium. The crowd was welcomed by the choir president Austin Cramer and the show started off with a solo by Sybil Giefer singing Let It Be recorded by The Beatles.

During their solo performances, the talents of Jessika Chapman, Desiree Littlechild, Shaelyn Cleland, Alexis Chapman, Raina Bostick, and Austin Cramer stunned the crowd.

The choir also entertained the crowd with a number of duets. Shaelyn Cleland and Reagan Moritz sang Riptide, Alexis and Jessika Chapman sang I Won’t Say, Raina Bostick and Desiree Littlechildsang Titanium, Helen and Wyndom Giefer sang  Angels Among Us, Emma Day and Libby frost sang  Palace, Helen and Sybil Giefer sang Sisters, and Austin Cramer and Sybil Giefer sang The Road to Morocco.

Several groups also took the stage, starting with the Girls Ensemble singing Someone Like You by Adele, Jessika Chapman, Helen and Sybil Giefer, and Desiree Littlechild sang Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw, Raina Bostick, Shaelyn Cleland, Austin Cramer Emma Day, Libby Frost, Gavin Garza, Helen, Sybil, and Wyndom Giefer sang Seize the Day from the musical Newsies.  The Trego Singers sang Can’t Stop the Feeling, and A Million Dreams.

The night ended with the entire Trego choir singing Haven’t Met You Yet and We Will Rock You.




Lion’s Club celebrates academic excellence

By Colby Burkhart
The Lion’s Club hosted their 54th annual scholarship banquet at the Western Kansas Saloon in WaKeeney on March 4.

Jon Anderson began the evening by welcoming the people who attended. Afterward, Richard Flax led the flag salute followed with the invocation by Jon Anderson.

Next was the entertainment by TCHS Choir members: Austin Cramer, Helen Giefer, Sybil Giefer, Emma Day, Wyndom Giefer, and Libby Frost

The entertainment was followed by recognizing the students who qualified for the certificate for their achievements

Students in the senior class were Kelby Aschenbrenner, Leyton Brock, Adrianne Carr, Julian Coker, Austin Cramer, Adrian Dietz, Brenna Flax, Helen Giefer, Madison Hafliger, TJ Hafliger, Jenna Howard, Cambrie Kemp, Emma Kostic, Dalton Mai, Keagan Shubert, Ryan Townley, Evan Wilds, and Lacy Windholz.

Students in the junior class were Clay Burk, Cooper Desormiers, Dillon Dunn, Hadley Folsom, Libby Frost, Sybil Giefer, Gracie Hickson, Dylan Johnson, Allie Mattke, Andrew Mejia, Carter Minson, Parker Opat, Gracie Pfannenstiel, Rylee Spencer, Jericho Wagner, and Taylor Zeman

Students in the sophomore class were Sydney Boyle, Jessika Chapman, Emma Day, Isabel Escalante, Wyndom Giefer, Aiden Gideon, Kobi Shubert, and Lili Shubert.

In order to qualify, sophomores must have a GPA of 3.8 or higher, juniors must have a GPA of 3.7 or higher, and seniors must have a GPA of 3.6 or higher.

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Trego forensics scores again

Showing off their success after a long day of competition, Jordan Shull, Emma Kostic, and Gracie Hickson display their medals and their happiness at the Ellis Forensic Tournament on March 2.

Trego forensics team competed at Ellis on Saturday, March 2, and continued to demonstrate that they were a team to be reckoned with. 

The group medaled as a team, earning third place at a notoriously competitive meet.  However, several individuals also broke finals and walked away with medals.

Gracie Hickson once again took first with her poetry piece about the trials and tribulations of a forensics competitor.  Hickson had already earned a trip to state with this piece but continues to perfect it and outshine others in the category.  Hickson also placed second with her state qualifying serious solo.

Emma Kostic took first with her serious solo.  She had taken a second-place medal at a previous meet and has also had success with her comedic talents in IDA.

Medaling for the first time this season, Jordan Shull showed what hard work can gain by breaking finals with her humorous solo and scoring a fifth-place medal. 

The forensics team has been working hard to improve their pieces, and they show growth with every tournament.  Congratulations to all the forensics team members.




Trego hosts Powerlifting Meet


Powerlifting in squat, James Opat is spotted by teammate Colby Burkhart at the Trego Powerlifting Meet.

On Saturday, March 2, 20 schools travelled to WaKeeney for the Trego 2019 Powerlifting Meet where 187 male and female lifters competed in bench, clean, and squat lifts. The Trego boys earned second place overall.

With determination, Dallas Schneider, earned an overall first place medal with a fourth-place lift of 225 lbs. in bench, first place in squat with 385 lbs., and first in clean with 315 lbs.  Nathaniel Werth and Keagan Shubert also competed in the 181# weight class placing fifth and seventh, respectively.

In the 148# weight class, Nolan Hobbs powered his way to second place overall with first in bench with 235 lbs., second in squat with 315 lbs. and third in clean with 220 lbs.  Also placing second overall in the 165# weight class, Colby Burkhart  lifted 215 lbs. in bench, 390 lbs. in squat, and 245 lbs. in clean.  James Opat and Cooper Desormiers also competed in this class with Opat earning fifth place overall.

The other male competitors for Trego were Dillon Dunn and Chase Critser, placing fourth and fifth overall in 220# class.  Hunter Price, Benjamin Anderson, Andrew Mejia, Hayden Opat, Kolby Walt, and Parker Opat also added to the overall points putting Trego boys’ team in second with 190 team points.

Trego’s three female lifters were freshmen Regan Moritz, Kynlie Burkhart, and Kelsey Kinderkinecht.  Kinderkinecht commented on competing for her first time, “My first meet showed me how to improve my lifts for the coming years.”

The State Powerlifting Meet takes place at Central Plains in May





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