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Meet senior Jenna Howard

Jenna passes the ball to the setter during one off her final games.

By Paige Post
Senior Jenna Howard is looking towards graduation while looking back on her high school experiences. Howard plans to attend Fort Hays State University but is undecided on her major. She wants to make her last year memorable by “not wasting the weekends.”

The class Howard enjoyed the most was physics. She wishes she would have paid more attention in her government class.

Howard stated that high school has prepared her for college and has allowed her to meet some of her best friends that she will always be grateful for. Howard’s favorite high school memory is when the volleyball team won the Trego Invitational and beat TMP.

Some advice Howard has for underclassmen it to not procrastinate.






You’re hired


An interviewer from FHSU listens as senior Adrian Dietz answers her question with confidence.

By Cambrie Kemp
On February 12, seniors in both Nan Brown’s and Nora Schoenthaler’s English classes attended a mock interview meant to better prepare the students for a real job interview.

In the weeks leading up to the interview, the students worked on completing their job résumé and a cover letter for any job of their choice. On the day of the interviews, the students showed up wearing their best interview appropriate apparel.

Showing up at their designated times, seniors nervously awaited for their interview to begin. The interviewers, employees from FHSU, began by looking over everything on the résumés and cover letters provided.  The interview was made up of a variety of questions including “How do you handle pressure?” Some interviewers even asked “What is your favorite fictional character?” Students responded with answers such as Hermione Granger, Elsa from Frozen, Scooby-Doo, Popeye, Sheldon Cooper and others.

Students were graded based on a number of things: appearance, résumé, cover letter, their ability to answer questions thoroughly, and eye contact. Reflecting on her mock interview, Paige Post stated, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

Student of the week Sydney Boyle

Student of the Week Sydney Boyle was nominated for Student of the Week for being respectful and resilient. Boyle is the daughter of Melissa and Zac Gibbs. The activities she is involved in are the KAY, T-club, Scholars Bowl, FCA, cross country, wrestling, and cheer. When she was asked why it is important to be respectful, she responded, “If you give respect, you get respect.”



Students find success at regional piano

Regional Piano Contestants

On Saturday, February 2, four students from TCHS participated in the Regional Piano contest. All four earned one ratings and qualified for the State competition in Wichita on February 16. Wyndom Giefer played L’Orage by Burgmuller. Sybil Giefer performed Tarentella by Pieczonka. Helen Giefer played Sonata No. 8 in C Minor by Beethoven. Libby Frost entertained the judge with Fantasy in D Minor by Mozart.


Student art displayed in area art show

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TCHS students and other area high schools will be displaying their art in the 42nd Annual High School Dane G. Hansen Art Show.  The art will be located in the Dane G. Hansen Museum in Logan from Feb. 1-March 3.


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