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Congratulations 2017 graduates

Congratulations to the 2017 graduating class. To view your class page and tributes, click here.


TCHS Evening of Excellence and Spring Concert to be held on May 10

The TCHS Evening of Excellence and Spring Concert will be held on May 10. Art and wood projects will be on display in the commons area and old gym. At 6:00 p.m., seniors will be honored in the auditorium.

Following this will be the Spring Concert at 7:30 p.m., which will honor the seniors and their parents. The seniors who participate in choir are Kassidy Chase, Sean Conness, Kacie Dunn, Alyssa Hafliger, Bryn Hafliger, Alex Haxton, Lexus Haxton, Tanner Lowry, Josie Molitor, and Cheyenne Nickelson. The Girls Ensemble will sing “Angels Among Us,” and the Trego Singers will perform “Hallelujah.” After that, the choir will sing “May the Music Never End,” “A Lot of Livin’ to Do,” “You Raise Me Up,” and a medley from the musical Newsies, including the songs “Carrying the Banner,” “Santa Fe,” “King of New York,” “Something to Believe In,” and “Seize the Day.” The final song will be “I Love a Piano,” featuring pianists Libby Frost and Sybil Giefer, who competed at State Piano earlier this year.


Seniors help seniors

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By Emarie Schoenthaler
The Class of 2017 participated in the annual “Senior to Senior Day” on April 26.

Seniors started the day at 8 a.m. in the TCHS commons area where they were served cinnamon rolls, which were donated by Jake and Chet’s. After breakfast, 23 seniors were split up into four groups and assigned jobs.

They were given jobs such as painting, raking, sweeping, planting, and pulling weeds.

The day concluded when the 31 jobs were completed at approximately 3:00.

The senior class would like to thank Jake and Chet’s, parent volunteers Juli Moden and Christina Lowry, Pizza Hut and the community.

One senior commented on the day. “It was good to get out of the classroom and socialize with some community members. All of them were extremely kind and it was satisfying getting to help them.”



Meet senior Alex Haxton

Alex Haxton
Senior Alex Haxton

By Alyssa Hafliger
Finishing his last few weeks at TCHS, senior Alex Haxton is all set to attend college at Cloud Community college to study wind energy. 

Haxton plans to make this year memorable by attending everything he can with friends.

Looking back on his classes, he enjoyed “any classes with my father, Pat Haxton, because it’s laid back”  However, there were some classes he wished he had paid more attention in. “I think I could have taken my English classes more seriously because they are important for life.”

Whether he enjoyed the classes or not, Haxton admitted that high school impacted his life because it has taught him to be more responsible and that you have to work hard for the things you want.

In fact, it is that lesson that Haxton imparted to the underclassmen by stating, "Work hard in everything you do because it’s very important.”


TCHS art students travel to Hays for the annual art exhibit

Eagle painting
The Eagle painting, created by Whitney Bullock, Emmit Owens, Ruchi Bhakta, Valerie Scott, Poli Theodosiou, and Katie Ward will be displayed in the TCHS office.

By Cambrie Kemp
On April 19, 27 TCHS art students traveled to Hays for the Fort Hays Art Show held in the Gross Memorial Coliseum.

The students started the day off by viewing all the other art submitted by various schools throughout Kansas. Then students were invited to explore the Fort Hays Art Department’s open house.

The students who brought art to the art show will have their art on display in the Commons Area during the Evening of Excellence on May 10 from 4:00 to 7:30.

TCHS brought an assortment of pastels, colored pencil artwork, ceramics and paintings. In the art show, no places were given, although, students did receive 20 Awards of Merit. The following students received Awards of Merit for their pieces of artwork: Poli Theodosiou, Emmit Owens, Whitney Bullock, Michaela Stefan, Katie Ward, Valerie Scott, William Barney, Weston Deaver, Adrian Dietz, Jenna Howard, Cambrie Kemp, Hannah Kinderknecht, Anthony Scott, and Christian Korbe.

The highlight of the show was a collaborative painting created by Valerie Scott, Ruchi Bhakta, Katie Ward, Poli Theodosiou, Emmit Owens, and Whitney Bullock. The painting shows a collage of eagles and will be hung in the TCHS office.



Meet Ian Conness

Ian Conness
Playing tennis all four years, Ian Conness has had success as a singles player.

By Emarie Schoenthaler
After high school, senior Ian Conness plans to attend Colby Community College for vet tech.

To make his year memorable, Conness is working hard in class and in sports.

In fact, Conness works hard in his favorite class, lifetime sports. He enjoys this class because “we play games every day.” On the other hand, Conness wishes he would have paid more attention in history.

Conness says that high school helped him get ready for life, and during his four years, he wishes he wouldn’t have procrastinated so much. This lesson generated his advice for underclassmen. “Don’t procrastinate.”



Trego choir members earn a trip to State

State Music Group State Music Individuals
At the State Music Festival, which will be held at Kansas Wesleyan in Salina on Saturday, April 29, the Trego Singers will perform “River of Freedom.” Also, the girls’ ensemble will sing “This Little Light of Mine.” Four soloists made it to State. Austin Cramer will perform “Shenandoah” and “Tally Ho;” Grace' Glatz will sing “Dream Valley” and “Loveliest of Trees;” Brenna Flax will sing “Crabbed Age and Youth” and “Go Way from My Window;” and Libby Frost will perform “The Lass from the Low Countree” and “The Loveliest of Songs My Heart is Singing.”

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