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Class of 2018

The seniors will soon be "Straight out of TCHS," and it will be time to say goodbye. Take some time to remember our seniors, and viiew their senior tribute page here.


The fabulous 50’s prom

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By Katie Ward
Junior and seniors, along with their guests, enjoyed a night in the “Fabulous 50’s” at the annual TCHS prom on April 14.

First, the guests all met at Mike’s Place for a 50’s dinner of hamburgers, chips, and beans.

Next, the party moved to the high school for pictures by Leann’s Photography in the old gym. Soon after, Promenade was held in the new gym. Emcee Carl Mohler announced

names, and the couples walked through as parents and family snapped pictures.

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The dance was then held on the platform in the new gym. The venue imitated a 50s diner and was filled with gossamer and balloons.  The color scheme consisted of red, black

and white checkers, and mint.  Decorations included a record arch and giant milkshakes.  Students were served cheesecake and milkshakes as a treat before the couples danced

the night away.

The decorations will be used for the Daddy/Daughter Prom, at the Long Term Care, and again at an appreciation dinner in Wichita.

Music was provided by Ruder DJ Service



Forensics competes to make state at “nonqual” event.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS forensics team competed at home as they hosted a “nonqual” meet for those that haven’t qualified for the state competition on April 12.

Codi Bliss and Gracie Hickson both took first, which earned them both a place in the state competition. Bliss won the meet with her poetry and Hickson with her informative piece.

Jericho Wagner broke finals with his inform and took third place. Also taking third Isabel Escalante and Jessica Chapman performed their duet.

Benjamin Anderson took fourth in extemporaneous speech. Codi Bliss and Grace Glatz took fifth in IDA.



State Music

Solo Qualifiers
The Regional Music Festival was held last Sat., April 7th at Oberlin High School.  Those receiving I ratings- which makes them eligible to compete at State Music-were the Trego Singers and soloists: Grace' Glatz, Austin Cramer, Brenna Flax, Sybil Giefer, and Raina Bostick.
Group Qualifiers
The Trego Singers and soloists will compete at the State Music Festival for 2A Schools at Kansas Wesleyan Univ.- Salina- on Sat., April 28th. The Trego Singers group consists of: Emma Day, Brenna Flax,  Dylan Johnson, Jericho Wagner, Valerie Scott, Raina Bostick, Shaelyn Cleland, , Sybil Giefer, Jessika Chapman, Cassidi Hickson, Austin Cramer,  Wyndom Giefer, Gavin Garza , Grace' Glatz, , Alexis Chapman, and Codi Bliss.  Congratulations to these students!
















Meet senior Aleah Howard

Using the embroidery machine to do a practice sew, Aleah Howard works to perfect her embroidery skills at the school’s business, P&G.

By Taylor Weigel
After high school, Aleah Howard is planning to attend Emporia State University for business administration. Howard is making her last year memorable by spending time with her friends before she leaves for college.

Reflecting on her classes, Howard stated, “I enjoyed business classes and working at P & G Design. I probably should have tried to remember more science stuff, but it’s okay--I’ll live.”

The best advice Howard has for the underclassman is “to remember that high school eventually ends, and it’s what you do after that really matters.”

Howard could not guarantee that any one memory would stand out. “What if I get hit by a bus and get a really bad concussion?” she joked. “If I don’t get hit by a bus, then I’ll probably always remember the general atmosphere and vague moments of high school, but my best memories won’t be made in high school,” Howard concluded.












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