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2016 homecoming candidates

2016 Homecoming Candidates

Queen candidates from left: Emily Buchholz, Lexus Haxton, Kacie Dunn, and Molly Moden
King candidates from left: Tanner Lowry, Sean Conness, Alex Haxton, and John Kuhn


Trego girls create new football plays

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By Alyssa Hafliger
The FCCLA hosted Powder Puff football to help celebrate Spirit Week. The classes formed teams and played on September 22.

The freshmen were matched up against the sophomores. The freshmen scored first, putting six points on the scoreboard.  Sophomore Brenna Flax put up six points for her team, making the score 6-6. Neither team scored during the second half. However, in overtime the sophomores had a touchdown and a two-point conversion, making the final score 14-6.

The seniors then faced off against the juniors. The juniors scored first, but the seniors soon answered with their own touchdown. In the second half, Janae Huxman scored for the juniors, and Emily Buchholz added points for the seniors. 

The senior coaches, made up of senior boys, had a hard time getting their players to listen. At one point, player Lexus Haxton shouted, “I do whatever I please.” She had the right idea because in the final seconds, she ran all the way down the field for a senior touchdown. The seniors stole the victory, 18-12.

The competition was all in fun, and the crowd was entertained by some unique football plays and some creative freshmen cheerleaders.  Student Council would like to thank FCCLA for sponsoring a big Spirit Week hit.


TCHS seniors paint the town

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By Cambrie Kemp
On September 22, the TCHS seniors had the opportunity to participate in the annual street painting at the center of town. Students painted their names, nicknames, sport numbers, and even each other.

When asked why the students thought it was still a tradition, Kacie Dunn stated, “Street painting has stayed a tradition for so long because it is something only the seniors can do.” Sean Conness expressed his opinion stating, “It’s a chance for all of the seniors to have fun as a group.”

Students also commented on what they believed was the best part. Emarie Schoenthaler believed it was “coming together with the class.” Some students like Alex Snyder thought it was “throwing paint on each other” while others like Ian Conness said it was the pizza.

Students were also asked what they had decided to paint. John Kuhn said, “Papi, everybody calls me Papi.” Cheyenne Nickelson stated, “I painted my name, the name of the place I pole vault at, a little pole vault stick figure, my volleyball number and the word volleyball.” Poli Theodosiou painted her name and stated, “I also painted SENIOR 2017 so everyone knows that we are the seniors of 2017.”



New culture and experiences

Poli Theodosiou is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

By Gracie Hickson
Trego Community High School has a foreign exchange student from Germany, Poli Theodosiou.  She notices the differences between the two countries, yet she is enjoying all her new experiences.

Theodosiou stated that nothing is the same in America. She also commented that people in America don’t travel to other countries as much because America is so big.  In Germany, people from European countries visit all the time; therefore, students in Germany are very knowledgeable about other European countries and cultures.  They also study a lot more about culture and religion than what she has noticed here in the United States. Therefore, Theodosiou said that Americans don’t seem to know much about Germany.

She also noted that the schools in the two countries were very different, but she loves school here. "The students are very welcoming. They talk and laugh with me."  However, in Germany, students got more breaks between classes.

Another area that Theodosiou enjoys is the American sports.  She has never been on a sports team before, and she enjoys getting to play on the school's volleyball team.   "I love my team," commented Theodosiou . "They don't let me feel bad when I mess up."

Overall, Theodosiou is enjoying her time here in America.  


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