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Fall semester honor roll

The TCHS students are to be congratulated for a strong first semester. To view the Honor Roll, click here.


Student of the week Jericho Wagner

By Erin Oh

Jericho Wagner was nominated for Student of the Week for being respectful, caring and citizenly. Wagner is the son of Heather and Troy Barney. The activities he is involved in are the Science Club and Big Eagles Little Eagles. After school, he works at Heartland. When he was asked why it is important to show respect, he responded, “Respect is important because it is the key and the future, and it will earn others trust.”



Meet senior Louise Lehy

Louise Lehy focuses on getting the colors of her flowers right in one of her favorite classes: art.

By Emma Kostic
Louise Lehy is a foreign exchange student from France, who has come to here to experience the senior year of an American high school.

After this year, she plans on going back to France and enrolling into a University of Language Arts. She is making this year memorable by meeting a lot of new people, making friends and enjoying every moment that she gets. She says that the classes she has mostly enjoyed are art and media.

Louise states that being a foreign exchange student has impacted her life by making her more responsible and helped her figure out what is most important to her. For people who are thinking about doing an exchange program, she gives this advice: “Just do it, it’s an incredible experience. It’s not easy every day, but [it is up to you to] make the experience more rewarding.”

The high school here, she says, is very different from her high school in France. The things she will mostly remember are all the people she has met and “the typical American things like going to football games, homecoming, and cheerleading.”


TCHS scholars’ bowl falls in Ellis

By Austin Cramer
The TCHS Scholars’ Bowl team traveled to compete in Ellis on January 10.

Focusing on answering a question, the TCHS Scholars’ Bowl team attempts to answer the question before time runs out.

In the first round of the afternoon, Trego lost to Ellis 20-50. Coming back the second round, Trego won against Hill City 50-0. Winning once again, Trego defeated Palco 40-10 in the third round. In the fourth round, Trego defeated LaCrosse 60-25. Sadly, Trego got a taste of their own medicine and fell to Plainville in a close match with a score of 30-40. For round six, Trego lost to Stockton with a score of 60-10. To end the day, Trego saw one last defeat to Ness City with a final score of 10-50.

The top scorer for the day was Wyndom Giefer, allocating a total of 13 correct questions. Other competitors included Austin Cramer, Kelby Aschenbrenner, Jericho Wagner, Clay Burk, and Jacob Trapp.




Scholars bowl are league runner-ups

By Colby Burkhart
On Monday, January 7, Trego competed in league scholars’ bowl and were the runners-up. Round one was a 60-70 loss to TMP, but Trego stayed calm and collected and continued to compete. In round two, they defeated Ellis, 60-50. Proceeding to the next round, Trego went on to defeat Oakley, 50-30. Advancing to the next round, they faced off against Plainville and defeated them 30-10.

After finishing second in their pool, Trego went on to face Norton in the semifinals and came out on top with a 60-50 victory. Trego moved to the finals to face TMP for a second time and unfortunately lost 40-50, leaving them with a runner-up finish. 

Helen Giefer was the top scorer with 14 questions correctly answered followed by Benjamin Anderson with 8. Clay Burk, Aaron Windholz, Dylan Johnson, and Sybil Giefer were the other team members.  

Scholars’ Bowl will compete in Ellis on January 10.



Helen Giefer signs with Division I school


As Helen Giefer signs her National Letter of Intent to run cross country and track at NCAA Division I school Kansas State, her dad and high school cross country coach, Bernie Giefer, looks over her shoulder with a look of pride.


TCHS boys' basketball

Boys' Basketball Advertisement Link
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