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Meet senior— Taylor Sells

Taylor Sells
Making more memories, Taylor Sells sets the ball for her teammates during a game against Stockton.

By Gracie Hickson
With her high school years coming close to an end, Taylor Sells looked back on how the last three years have impacted her life. Sells stated, “It’s taught me to be independent and responsible.” Sells doesn’t think she would have wanted to change anything about her high school experience.

During her years here, Sells has loved her accounting and business classes. In fact, after high school, Sells plans to attend Fort Hays to double major in finance and accounting. “I’ll either go into banking or become a CPA,” commented Sells. 

To help make her senior year memorable, Sells plans to get more involved. Sells’s advice for underclassman is “high school goes by fast so do as much as you can and work as hard as you can before it is over.” Sells stated one thing she will never forget is “all the memories made playing volleyball here.”






Homecoming success

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By Katie Ward
TCHS students had a busy Homecoming Week, September 11 through 16.

On Monday, it was “Crazy Hair Day” for the students of TCHS. To kick off the morning, the students decorated their halls with a class theme.

On Tuesday, the students colored the halls on “Color Day.” Each class had a different color to represent their grade. Freshmen were pink, sophomores were blue, juniors were yellow, and seniors were black.

On Wednesday, since it was picture day, the STUCO club created a “Dress Your Best Day.” That afternoon, the FCCLA hosted the Powder Puff football game for the students.

On Thursday, the TCHS students and faculty took it back with “Decades Day” by dressing as their favorite decade. Later that evening, the seniors painted the downtown streets. Following that, the FFA sponsored a bonfire to burn the Bulldog effigy.

2017 King and Queen
2017 Homecoming King and Queen, Brendan Flax and Aleah Howard

On Friday, taking it up a notch, the TCHS showed their Golden Eagle pride with “Purple and Gold Day”.  The Eagles spent their last two class periods enjoying a round of Knockerball, along with face painting and fence decorating.

After the high school shenanigans, they took a trip down to Main Street on the back of trailers and fire trucks to show more Eagle pride with Trego Grade School for a pep rally.

Before the Homecoming game, the candidates were selected, and the 2017 king and queen, Brendan Flax and Aleah Howard, were crowned.

Student Council would like to thank the Booster Club, Fire Department, the LEC,  those who donated and drove convertibles, and all those who helped to make this year’s Homecoming celebrations a success.






Lady Eagles show powerpuff skills at powder puff

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By Gracie Hickson
The FCCLA hosted their annual Powder Puff football match on September 13.

The first match was freshmen against sophomores. The first touchdown of the game was made by Libby Frost, giving the sophomores a 6-0 lead. At halftime the freshmen were leading 6- 8 leaving the sophomore coaches on edge.

The second half started off with a touchdown and a two point conversion by the sophomores, making the score 14-6. The sophomores tried to maintain the lead by stalling; however, Lilli Shubert ran down for a touchdown tying the game. The freshmen failed to complete their two point conversion making the final score 14-14.

Next, the seniors faced the juniors. During this game, the seniors experience as Powder Puff players paid off as they showed off their football skills. The seniors also had as many coaches as they did players. This went in favor for the seniors as they were winning at halftime.

The second half was in favor of the seniors as well. By the last part of the game, the junior coaches had given up on their team and decided to look at their phones instead of their players. The seniors finished the game as champs, not letting the juniors score all game.




Seniors carry on a tradition

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By Taylor Weigel
The class of 2018 continued to carry on the tradition of street painting the night before the Homecoming football game on September 14. The seniors met on Main Street and painted their names and each other.

Floyd Dinkel has mixed the paint for the event for the last 26 to 28 years.  In all that time, Dinkel stated, “It’s only been cancelled twice--once because of snow and once because of rain.”

Dinkel has witnessed many things over the years, especially paint fights.  However, this year the students gave him something new to watch when Austin Kinderknecht allowed himself to be painted.   “In all my years I have done, this I have never seen someone lay down to get painted on,” laughed Dinkel.  “That was a first.”    

Many students remarked that they enjoyed the experience.

“It was dope. It was fun getting covered in paint with my friends,” Shaye Aumiller stated.

Tate Pfannenstiel agreed. “It was a fun experience to do with my class. At one point, I thought I inhaled some paint.” 

Janae  Huxman commented on the way it brought the class together. “It was a great class bonding experience full of laughter and fun.”

Street Painting
Showing their less serious side, the senior class gathers in the middle of Main Street after the street painting for one last moment of laughter before the experience ends on September 14.





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