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TCHS students selected for MCL All-league

Football MCL

Football coaches selected their football players for All-League 2017. Keagan Shubert was selected first team offense, Tate Pfannenstiel was honorable mention offense, Nathaniel Werth was also honorable mention offense, Austin Kinderknecht was first team defense, Hunter Price was first team specialties, and Justin Turley was honorable mention defense.


Volleyball MCL

MCL volleyball coaches gathered in Plainville to nominate and vote for All-League Honors. Taylor Sells and Lili Shubert made second team, meaning they both were selected as one of the top 12 players in the league.


















Exploring new paths

Brenna Flax happily shows off her KU medicine shirt she bought as a souvenir while on her trip in Kansas City.

By Gracie Hickson
On November1-3, junior Brenna Flax got the privilege to attend KU Med at the University of Kansas Medical Center in the heart of Kansas City.

Flax and 16 other students were selected from hundreds of applications across the state of Kansas. The application process included writing an essay about why they thought they should be chosen along with what leadership skills they possess. 

During her stay, Flax got to visit the Clendening Library where she got to see artifacts as old as 100 A.D. Flax also got to go on a tour of the medical center’s college and simulation center. Flax was also given an in depth tour of the hospital and research facilities.

Flax stated, “I feel like I really learned a lot about the history of medicine. I also learned more about health care and the careers I can take. When I came into this event, I had a straight path towards surgery. Now I’m thinking research might be something I would want to do.”




Double Trouble

Enjoying being twins, Anthony and Valerie Scott believe that their connection is stronger than with their other siblings.

By Julian Coker
There are three sets of twins walking the halls of TCHS: Anthony and Valerie Scott, Aaron and Lacey Windholz, and Kobi and Lili Shubert.

When asked what they disliked most about being a twin, Anthony Scott commented, “There isn’t anything that I dislike;” however, his sister Valerie Scott replied, “I don’t like having the same birthday because it doesn’t seem as special.”

Lacey Windholz favorite part about being a twin is “blaming the other person for something.”

If she had the choice to be a twin or not, Lili Shubert commented, “I would still want to be a twin because I am closer to my brother than I would have been if we weren’t the same age because we have been together for so many years.”







TCHS choir students selected for district KMEA Choir


Four Trego Choir students were selected by live audition to sing in the NW District KMEA Choir to be held at the FHSU campus on December. 2.   The students are Brenna Flax and Austin Cramer and Shaelyn Cleland and Toby Lowry.   The Choir will rehearse during the day at FHSU, with other selected students from Northwest Kansas, and then will perform a concert in the Beach Schmidt Auditorium at 3:30 p.m.  Admission is $5.00 for adults, and students get in free.  (This concert is the same day as the Elementary KMEA Concert, to be held at Beach Schmidt Auditorium at 12:30 p.m.) Congratulations to these TCHS Choir students!




TCHS blood drive

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By Dawson Arnold
The Trego Community High School had their annual Red Cross Blood Drive on November 16. The school exceeded their goal of 46 donations with an ending total of 51. This earned them a $250 scholarship.

Many of the donations came from students, and twenty one students had appointments to the blood drive.

Donor Julian Coker commented on her first donation.

“Although I was nervous and it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, I am still glad the blood I gave will save a life.”

In addition to the student donors, many student council members helped make the day successful. A few students worked at the admissions table, others escorted donors to the canteen, and other student council members worked the canteen. FCCLA members made sandwiches for the donors.

TCHS would like to thank all the community members who donated and Pat Haxton, Carl Mohler, and Taylor Tomsic for finding tables for the event.




Searching for defects in food and dairy

Marking an answer, Tillie Malinowsky tries her best to identify the defect of the different milks at the dairy judging contest on November 9.
By Grace’ Glatz
On November 9, 2017, members from the WaKeeney FFA Chapter attended a food and dairy judging contest at the fairgrounds in Hays, KS.

While all of the students who attended from WaKeeney competed in food judging, only a few also competed in dairy judging.

The food contest involved taking a series of tests: written test, triangle test, fragrance test, and a hazard in the work place test.

While the dairy contest also involved a written test, they were slightly different from the food tests. For instance, members had to determine if the milk was non-dairy or dairy, if it was considered contaminated in anyway, what the fat content was, if it contained a high level of CMT (California Mastitis Test), and if they could name the cheeses they were given to taste.

WaKeeney FFA had two members that placed in a high ranking. Madison Hafliger received fourth place in food science and Grace’ Glatz placed thirteenth in food science. Overall, the team placed sixth.

The members who attended were Codi Bliss, Grace’ Glatz, Autumn Maskrid, Katie Ward, Madison Hafliger, Lacey Windholz, Hadley Folsom, Desiree Littlechild, and Tillie Malinowsky.



New members for National Honor Society

New members Back row left to right: Brenna Flax, Kelby Aschenbrenner, Jenna Howard, Dalton Mai, Hunter Folsom, and Keagan Shubert. Front row left to right: Cambrie Kemp, Helen Giefer, Austin Cramer, Ruchi Bhakta, and Adrianne Carr.

By Clay Burk
The national honor society inductions were held in the auditorium on November 3.

National honor society is an organization whose members were recognized for developing and maintaining the qualities of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.

To qualify, first students must either be a junior or a senior and maintain a certain grade point average. Next, they must write a short description of their qualities in each area and submit two recommendations.

The evening began with a welcome and a candle ceremony in which present members lit a candle to represent each of the four qualities. The candle ceremony was followed by the introduction to the new members and each member’s parents came forward and gave an NHS pin to their child.

Present members include Emma Anderson, Brendan Flax, Bernard Giefer, Cassidi Hickson, Aleah Howard, Janae Huxman, Bailey Mattke, Sarah Schoenberger, Madison Schoenthaler, and Taylor Sells. The newly inducted were Kelby Aschenbrenner, Ruchi Bhakta, Adrianne Carr, Austin Cramer, Brenna Flax, Hunter Folsom, Helen Giefer, Jenna Howard, Cambrie Kemp, Dalton Mai, Keagan Shubert, and Evan Wilds.



Abandon all hope ye who enter here: TCHS choir performsLast Chance High   

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By Austin Clanton
The TCHS choir once again produced a hilarious musical entitled Last Chance High held on November 10 and 11 in the high school auditorium. The audience was entertained by a sadistic and crooked principal; crazy students, teachers, and staff; and rollicking tunes.

The musical is set at P.S.M.S--Public School Maximum Security, where Mr. Ranchwear the school principal ruins the lives of the students of Last Chance High.  The situation becomes even more complicated when four students from the Valley end up at the school due to a computer error.

However, the students come together, along with a cast of colorful characters such as Evelina Culpepper, the school’s secretary; Fabiola Buena Vista, a reporter; and Nina Nolan and Lydia Colgate, two student teachers, to oust Mr. Ranchwear and save graduation day.

The evening concluded with Bernard Giefer and Cassidi Hickson thanking all those who helped make the play a success. The cast then gave a huge thank you to Kathy Jamison for all her hard work and patience in directing the musical.




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