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Scholars’ Bowl doesn’t lose focus at Hays

Scholars' Bowl 11/19
Working quickly, the TCHS Scholars' Bowl Team attempts to solve a math problem before the other team rings in an answer.

By Helen Giefer
On Monday, November 19, the TCHS Scholars’ Bowl team traveled to Hays High School where they competed in seven rounds.

For the first round, the Eagles faced Life Prep, where they dominated with a score of 90-10. Next, Trego again had no trouble beating Garden City, 90-20. The team took its first loss of the day against Wichita West in round three when their adversaries answered the final five questions correctly, leaving Trego one answer behind in 50-60.

Facing Norton for round four, the Eagles smashed their opposition, 120-10. Stockton proved to be more of a challenge, but Trego still came out on top, 50-40. In a high-scoring round, the Eagles were defeated 40-100 by Hodgeman County, but they came back determined against Liberal, beating their opponents 60-20.

Several of the members scored an abundance of points for Trego, including Wyndom Giefer with 16 correct answers, Helen Giefer with 13, and Clay Burk with 12. Other competitors included Austin Cramer, Sybil Giefer, and Aaron Windholz.



TCHS blood drive

Blood Drive
Looking like he is enjoying the experience, Joey Fry donates blood at the Student Council sponsored blood drive.

By Paige Post
The TCHS Red Cross Blood Drive was once again successful. The school had a total of 43 donations, which consisted of students and other community members. Two people were considered a power red donor, which means they donated two units of blood.

In addition to student donors, several students helped make the drive successful. Liz Deines’s FACS classes made sandwiches for the donors while Student Council found volunteers for various jobs. A few worked at the admissions table, and others escorted donors to the canteen.

One student, Madison Hafliger commented on her experience.

“I was happy to be able to help people in need”

TCHS would like to thank all of the community members who donated.




Meet senior Jordan Shull

Listening to instructor Nan Brown, Jordan Shull enjoys her favorite class, Forensics.

By Madison Hafliger
In order to make her senior year more memorable, senior Jordan Shull is “joining the FFA and doing a lot of fun activities.” High school has impacted her life by teaching her that life goes by fast and she should make the most of it, and she plans to move to Florida after graduation.

When asked what her favorite classes were, Shull said she really enjoyed Forensics with Nan Brown; however, she does wish she paid better attention in English. When asked if she would do anything differently in high school, Shull said, “I probably would’ve talked to more people and voiced my opinion more.”

Some advice Shull gives to the underclassmen is “Pay attention and enjoy the little things.”

Something Shull will never forget about her years in high school are going to school pep rallies and Community Appreciation Day because they didn’t do any of those things at her old school in Wichita.


Murder, mystery, and mayhem at TCHS

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The TCHS choir’s performance was full of mystery, mayhem, and merriment at their annual musical entitled Murder at Crimson House held on November 9 and 10 in the high school auditorium.

The play is set in Crimson House, where owner Rebecca Fitzwillim overcharges her guests. Hercules Porridge, Jr. does his best to find out why, but when a corpse is found in the sitting room and a secretary is shot with a poison dart, the mystery only deepens. The mystery isn’t made any easier to solve due to the eccentric and perhaps insane residents.  The play kept the audience thoroughly entertained through many twists and turns in this comedic whodunit.

The program ended with Austin Cramer thanking all those who helped make the play a success. Of course, the biggest thanks went to Kathy Jamison for all her hard work and patience in directing the musical.


Students show appreciation for Vetrans

Vetrans Day

Placing flags on the graves of veterans, Paige Post shows her gratitude and respect for the sacrifice of our nation’s service men and women.  The placing of the flags was part of one of the school’s community projects to show appreciation to veterans and commemorate their military service.


Students travel to Hill City for MCL Vocal Clinic

MCL Vocal Clinic
MCL Vocal Clinic mass choir performing their last five numbers

By Austin Cramer
The TCHS choir, along with choirs from Plainville, Hill City, Stockton, Oakley, and Ellis, came together on November 5, 2018, to participate in the MCL Vocal Clinic, directed by Dr. Ryan Olsen from Baker University.

Each year, six schools from this region come together for a whole afternoon to sing in a mass choir. This year’s clinic was hosted by Hill City. Dr. Ryan Olsen, who is the Director of Choral Activities at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas, was asked to direct five songs. These songs included America (arr. by Mary McDonald), Stand Together (by Jim Papoulis), Like A Mighty Stream (arr. by Moses Hogan), You Raise Me Up (arr. by Mark Hayes), and Sisi Ni Moja (by Jacob Narverud).

Along with the five songs sung as a mass choir, each school had to prepare two songs to showcase their individual choirs. The whole TCHS choir opened up with The Rhythm of Life (arr. by John Leavitt), and finished with the Trego Singers performing A Million Dreams (by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul), which is a song from The Greatest Showman.



Student of the Week Caroline Brungardt


Caroline Brungardt was selected as Student of the Week for being respectful, considerate and trustworthy. Caroline is the daughter of Darrin and Michelle Brungardt, She is involved with tennis, basketball, track, KAY, FCA, FCCLA, and CYO. When asked how she would define respect, she stated, “I would define respect as being considerate to others and doing what you feel is right.


Students excel at KMEA tryouts


Six TCHS Choir students auditioned for the Kansas Northwest District High School Honor Choir. This is seniors Austin Cramer’s and Brenna Flax’s fourth year in a row making it into the choir, and they will be recognized at the concert. All of the students who made it are (From left to right) freshmen Reagan Moritz and Mikiah Mermis, seniors Austin Cramer and Brenna Flax, and sophomores Jessika Chapman and Shaylyn Cleland.



Greenhands gain FFA knowledge

Greenhands attending the conference were (left to right) Mikiah Mermis, Jordan Shull, Isaac Brungardt,  Hayden Opat, Tanner Sells, Matthew Hafliger, and Natalie Kinderknecht

By Mikiah Mermis
The 2018 FFA Greenhands attended the district Greenhand Conference on November 5 in Almena, Kansas. Students Mikiah Mermis, Jordan Shull, Isaac Brungardt, Hayden Opat, Tanner Sells, Matthew Hafliger, and Natalie Kinderknecht attended the event.

When students arrived, everyone played a round of ice breaker bingo. Afterwards, members observed the officers conducting a meeting so that they could become more familiar with proper procedures. Shortly after the meeting, all Greenhands were required to take a test on the history and present facts of FFA.

During the breakout sessions, the Greenhands did multiple fun activities. They had a rotation where they played Jeopardy, a blindfolded race, and a rotation where they learned about SAE projects.

Hayden Opat and Matthew Hafliger were selected to be the two creed representatives who spoke for Trego.

Kate Howland, the Ag teacher, reflected on the conference.

“It was a great experience for my greenhands to go to and wear the official dress. I am very proud of them for competing and doing a great job representing WaKeeney FFA.”


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