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Community Appreciation Day

On Wednesday, October 24, TCHS students would like to give back to the community as a way to say thank you. Students will perform odd jobs including yard work, cleaning out gardens, and washing windows. You provide the materials, we provide the labor. Call 785-743-2061 by October 22 if you have questoins, concerns, or jobs.


Friday and Saturday, November 9 and 10                                   

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The TCHS Choir will present the musical- Murder at Crimson House on Friday and Saturday, November 9 and 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.  

In this spoofy musical murder whodunit, Hercules Porridge, Jr. (Sr. Austin Cramer), son of the famous Hoboken detective of the same name, just might solve the mystery. Or he might not! Overcoming his ineptness to investigate the goings on at Crimson House, (run by hotel owner, Sr.  Brenna Flax), a seedy hotel where the guests pay outrageous rent for shoddy service, he discovers what they are actually paying is BLACKMAIL!  Adding murder to the mystery, a corpse is discovered in the sitting room, and a beautiful secretary is done in by deadly orchid juice.  This musical is full of eccentric characters, including mystery writer Anguish Crispie, (Jr. Gracie Hickson), actress (Jr. Libby Frost), and a young bride (Sr. Helen Giefer)  You will also encounter Detective Bobby (Soph. Gavin Garza), and Officer Mulligan (Jr. Sybil Giefer) along with many other colorful characters in this whodunit.

Come out and join the TCHS Choir for this zany whodunit musical: Murder at Crimson House Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for students.



Student Led Conference

Student Led Conference
Vanessa Weigel listens closely as Shaelyn Cleland practices presenting her Student Led Conference.

By Colby Burkhart
TCHS students and parents will have a new experience this year during Parent Teacher Conferences. The students have been working to create Student Led Conferences to present to their parents October 22 and 23.

“The purpose of Student Led Conferences is to provide TCHS students with the opportunity to take ownership of their education and post secondary education planning. Students hope to gain confidence in advocating for and taking responsibility for their academic performance and post secondary plans.”

During the Student Led Conference presentations, students will use power points to display their future plans, current grades, classes they will need to complete to achieve their goals, and what their top two careers are.

Students admit that it means that they must do more work, but most have taken it in stride. “It’s a totally new experience, but I’m just kind of going with it,” said one student.

Others see the opportunity Student Led Conferences can provide.  Senior Austin Cramer commented,” It allows us to take ownership of our education instead of having someone else in charge.” Junior Katelyn Cody agreed and added, “In my opinion, it’s a great way for students to not only take responsibility for their grades but life after high school.”



Meet senior Julian Coker

Senior Julian Coker
Preparing for the next point, Julian Coker puts to use the knowledge gained from Coach Lori Dietz and has fun doing it.

By Paige Post
Julian Coker is going to make sure her last year of high school is memorable by “participating in as much as I can and having a good time while I do it.” Coker knows that she needs to make the most of her time because after high school she plans to attend the University of Kansas and study pharmacy.

As Coker nears the finish of her high school career, she reflectd on some fun moments.  “I enjoyed woods because I enjoyed giving Mr. Mohler a hard time,” she laughed. She also will never forget tricking Mr. Burk by filling his yard with 30 roofing signs. 

Coker didn’t just tease her teachers, however. She learned from them as well.  She paid attention in class and learned to be more responsible. “High school helped me grow as a person,” stated Coker.

Considering her high school experiences, it is not surprising that her advice for the underclassmen is to “get good grades and pay attention, but most importantly, don’t forget to have a good time.”






TCHS Senior Night

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On Friday, October 12, at the home football game, TCHS honered their fall senior athletes. The senior athletes presented their parents or guardians with a flower and a hug.




Student of the week Katelyn Cody

Katelyn Cody is the daughter Jamie Mattheyer and Preston Mattheyer. Katelyn was selected student of the week for being caring, responsible, and citizenly. Katelyn works the grill at Mcdonalds. At school, Katelyn is involved in tennis, forensics, and loves hanging out with her friends. Katelyn stated, “My sister, Mikayla Cody, has taught me the most about responsibility in life.”



Foreign exchange student enjoys new experiences

Erin Oh
Having a blast at Homecoming, Erin Oh (far right) smiles with her host sister, Sydney Boyle, and friend foreign exchange student, Louise Lehy.
By Gracie Hickson
This year at TCHS, we are excited to have three foreign exchange students from three different places. Erin Oh, who is from South Korea, is one of our three foreign exchange students.

Erin Oh is a junior here at TCHS. Erin enjoys that here she can pick her classes rather than have them picked for her. Erin feels the classes she picks are more enjoyable, and they teach her the responsibility of picking what you’ll benefit from. Erin, however, doesn’t love that she has to move from classroom to classroom instead of the teachers coming to her designated classroom like they did in South Korea. Erin also misses having ten minutes in between class rather than three.

However, she does get to experience some new exciting school traditions.  She admits that she really enjoyed Homecoming since they don’t have one in South Korea.  She is also looking forward to experiencing prom.

As Erin has been here for around three months, she has learned how enjoyable being in a new country can be. Erin stated, “Meeting new people who live in a different country is so interesting. Also, learning a different language and a different culture is so attractive to me. Whenever I feel my English skills are improved, I am so happy. Most people just live in their country their whole life, but I did not want to live with the same people.”

Being in a new country presents Erin with many new opportunities, places, and cultures. When asked what kinds of things she would like to do before heading back home, Erin responded, “I really want to go to Hollywood in California, to LA to eat an In-and-Out burger, to Disney Land, and to Universal Studios. I've been to Delaware last year, which is east part of America, so I want to visit west part of America if I have a chance to go before I go back to my home.”


As student Ryan Townley watches closely, Chef Gibbs demonstrates how to make and store noodles.

Chef Zach Gibbs performs magic

By Katelyn Cody
On October 9 and 10, Chef Zach Gibbs visited TCHS to teach the culinary class about the basics of cooking.

Gibbs demonstrated to the class how to make fresh Alfredo from scratch. He showed how to crush, peel, mince, and sauté the garlic. Also, he taught the class how to chop parsley and dry it so it’s not clumpy. He instructed the students to properly make noodles and store them for the next day.

Some of the students from the class commented on the experience.

“Not only was his stir skill amazing, but the way it all came together was like magic.”

“He kept saying it was going to be stupid good…and it was.”

“I like the way he dressed with his shiny shoes and chef’s hat.”

Overall, they not only discovered how to prepare dishes and clean up after, they also realized they can make several dishes out of just one item such as the Alfredo sauce.


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