New leader at TGS

Mr. Moeder
Showing excitement for the new school year, Mr. Moeder smiles for the camera.

By Gracie Hickson
The new school year has quickly started and you will see a new face at Trego Grade School.  Mr. Jim Moeder is the new principal at TGS. This will be his eleventh year as a school administrator along with four additional years of being a classroom teacher.

Transitioning into a new job can be very overwhelming and stressful; however, Moeder is off to a good start stating, “Upon arriving here at Trego Grade School, all the faculty, staff members, and parents have been very welcoming and accepting of the fact that new personnel means some changes in the way things will be done. There are even more exciting things that our students will be doing! The support for our school system by the community is outstanding to see.”

When asked what he was most excited about at his new job as principal, Moeder answered by saying, “One of the exciting things for me this year is to be given the opportunity to be administrator of elementary and junior high. I am looking forward to the various activities and organizations that come along with the intermediate grade levels.”

In all jobs, it is very important to strive to be successful in all that you do. Mr. Moeder has exciting things planned to help ensure the year will be memorable for staff and students. Moeder states, “For our staff, we will all be experiencing a program called The Energy Bus where there are “10 Rules for the Ride of Your Life.” The program talks about desire, vision, enthusiasm, and positive energy! As for the students, they will be challenged to set goals that stretch themselves and to do things they may have not felt comfortable doing but have wanted to try. Students will be encouraged to “think outside of the box” and further develop problem solving skills.

Even as the school year progresses, Moeder doesn’t want the success of his faculty and students to dwindle. Moeder stated, “As the year progresses I am really looking forward to seeing the growth in many areas. Our schools do not exist simply for test scores. It’s the multitude of experiences that are provided to make real life opportunities and watch the “ah-ha” moments unfold. That is a successful school year.”