TJH at MCEL Music Festival

The Trego Junior High choir participated in the MCEL Music Festival on February 22 at Norton.

The seventh grade girls’ ensemble, Toby Lowry, and Jessika Chapman all received II ratings.

Those who received I ratings were the mixed ensemble, the seventh and eighth grade girls’ ensemble, and the eighth grade girls’ ensemble.

Soloists who received I ratings include Regan Moritz, Sydney Fagan, Raina Bostick, Emma Day, and Mikiah Mermis. Shaelyn Cleland received an AP (advanced performance) on her solo.

Thanks to the choir students for all their work and also to Mitzi Fagan for driving a vehicle. Congratulations to these junior high choir students.



Trego sixth grade students participate in KMEA Elementary Choir

Six Trego sixth grade students will be participating in the Elementary Northwest KMEA (Kansas Music Educators Association) Choir Saturday, December 10, at FHSU. The six students selected are Ashlynn Cramer, Tori Hober, Cooper Minson, Maddy Mortiz, Kya O’Banion, and Chloe Woods. They will present a concert at the FHSU Beach Schmidt Center at 12:30 p.m. Admission is five dollars for adults, and students are free. (The high school KMEA Choir and Band are also performing the same day at 3:30.) Congratulations to these Trego students! 

Caption: From left: Cooper Minson, Ashlynn Cramer, Tori Hober, Chloe Woods, Maddy Mortiz, and Kya O’Banion.


Seventh Grade Cell Projects

Cell Model
In seventh grade, Carson Walt, Madison Walt, and Garrett Kuhn display their cell model

The seventh grade life science classes have been studying cells. 

Students were to make a model of a eukaryotic cell.  They were to include at least six different organelles that are found in the cell.  They needed to identify the organelle and explain what its function was in their presentation.  They could make a model of either a plant or animal cell.

They could do their project as an individual or in a group of their choice.  The model had to be made outside of class with materials of their choice.  They had about two and a half weeks to prepare for their presentation.







Eighth grade students to perform in KMEA Choir

KMEA Junior High
From left: Toby Lowry, Emma Day and Shaelyn Cleland

Three eighth grade students from the Trego Choir will sing in the Northwest Kansas KMEA Jr. High Choir on Saturday, November 5 at Hays High School.  These students are Shaelyn Cleland, Emma Day, and Toby Lowry.  Also performing are the High School KMEA Jazz Band and the Jr. High KMEA Band.  The Concert is at 3:30 p.m. in Gym A, with $5 admission for adults, but student admission is free.  Congratulations to these choir students!