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TJH staff appreciation dodgeball tournament


Staff and students cheer on the TJH KAY dodgeball tournament competitors at the TGS gym on December 21.

By Kya O´Banion, News and Media Director of KAY
On December 21, the student body of Trego Grade School showed appreciation to our faculty.   Mackenzie Bliss, Appreciation Director of KAY, wanted to show appreciation to our staff members, so she went to the drawing boards and the KAY Cabinet.

A fog machine, spotlights, posters of the team names made the gymnasium a dodgeball arena.  The crowd was loud by the students rooting for their favorite team, Educators of Pain, LZE (Lance Ziegler Experience), and the Cotton Headed Ninny-Muggins.  Game one was Educators of Pain versus LZE, and ended in an Educators of Pain victory.  Game two, LZE against Cotton Headed Ninny-Muggins with a Ninny-Muggins’ triumph. The final game was Educators of Pain opposing the Cotton Headed Ninny-Muggins and concluded with another Ninny-Muggins’ success.

Toward the end, certificates and medals were handed out. Then, we asked the teachers to face the stage and little bags full of goodies were passed to all staff, but they didn't know why they were standing against the crowd.

The teachers dropped their kids off 30 minutes before the tournament started so they had time to change. In those 30 minutes, we had students fill in letters on poster boards to reveal a secret message.  Finally, we urged the staff to turn and view the stands. On the top row, the secret message spelled out #youmakeusgreat. 

"Today an entire school came together to celebrate and appreciate our faculty and staff," said TJH KAY sponsor, Lindsey Mong.

We, the student body, hope you staff members do feel appreciated.



TJH bring home bronze from MCEL

Both the boys’ and girls’ TJH teams finished the MCEL with third place medals.  The district and community want to congratulate the players and coaches for a well-played season and thank them for their determination to show the state what Eagles are made of.



Trego sixth grade students to participate in KMEA elementary choir

TGA KMEA Choir partcipants
Six Trego sixth grade students will be participating in the Elementary Northwest KMEA (Kansas Music Educators Association) Choir Saturday, December 2, at FHSU. The six students selected are Avery Koehn, Alexa Calvin, Adrian Wynn, Myah Mattheyer, Kaden Butel, and Kendra Ryan.  They will present a concert at the FHSU Beach Schmidt Center at 12:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults, and students get in free. (The high school KMEA Choir and Band are also performing the same day at 3:30.)  Congratulations to these Trego students!




Kindergarten celebrates 50 days of school


Dressed in fifties attire, the kindergarten class makes silly faces for the camera. On Thursday, November 2 the kindergarteners celebrated fifty days of school by dressing up in poodle skirts, eating root beer floats, and danced to tunes from the fifties.






Fourth graders win spirit competition

Spirit Day

Winning Student Council’s Spirit Day, the fourth grade class smiles with delight at the candy they received for showing off their school pride. Student Council is holding a Spirit Day each month and rewarding the TGS class with the most students wearing spirit shirts. The high school students and staff also received prices. The high school winners were freshman Emma Day, sophomore Clay Burk, junior Brenna Flax, senior Cassidi Hickson, and staff member Nan Brown. The sophomore class had the most participation.



Trego Junior High Football Leaves the Season 7-0

TJH Football
The undefeated Junior High Eagles spend a day with the undefeated FHSU Tigers to learn new football skills.

By Sybil Giefer
On Thursday, October 12, the Trego Junior High football team rounded off their season with seven wins and no losses. Congratulations for this amazing feat!

When asked what they thought made this year’s team special, Coach James Burk commented on the team’s success:

“This team was fun to [coach] because they have outstanding team chemistry.  They were out sized nearly every week, but never let that intimidate them….They were also a very coachable group who bought into the idea of doing everything right. I asked them nearly every day if they made their bed, which was a literal question, but also a metaphor for taking pride in doing the best they could that day in everything they did on and off the field.”

Also weighing in on the topic, Coach Jeff Hafliger said, “I [feel] all the players bought into the system. They believed in hard work, focus and team commitment.  I'm going to miss this group of 8th grade boys. This group is one of the hardest working groups I've been around. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the 7th graders advance next season.”

Both coaches thought that both defense and offense were strong this season. Coach Hafliger mentioned, “We were strong both sides of the ball. Our core group of [kids] learned multiple positions. It helps when you have players that are interchangeable.  All of them were willing to play where needed[;] very team oriented.”

Where Coach Burk thought that Hill City challenged them, Coach Hafliger thought that Wichita County was their tougher game. Coach Burk added, “Wichita County was another tough game after a long bus ride, but we overcame a lot of adversity and came out on top.” 

In addition to that, Coach Hafliger commented, “Coach Burk called a great game[;] I've learned a lot from him, this season.”

Eighth grader Cole Feldt also said:

"This season has been one of my favorite seasons ever. Our team had amazing teamwork, hard work, and a lot of pride. All those things started with our coaches…. This season was awesome! I am glad I got to experience it with my teammates and coaches." 

In addition to Feldt, eighth grader Tanner Sells also weighed in: “[Winning] isn't everything but wanting win is.”

Caden Brown also commented, “It was inspiring because it showed that it's how big your heart is and not your size and height.”

Finally, Isaac Brungardt, an eighth grader, said, “As an 8th grader, I had a lot of pressure on the upcoming season. I told myself that I needed to step up and be a leader.  My goal was to have a winning season. We had many ups and downs during the games, but man when we had our ups, we had our ups.”

In all, the Junior High had an excellent season and the community would like to congratulate each and every one of them for their success.

To watch video of the Eagles' undefeated season click on the following link:

Trego Jr. High students selected for KMEA

Three eighth grade Trego choir  students will be participating in the Jr. High  Northwest KMEA (Kansas Music Educators Association) Choir Saturday, November 4, at Hays High School . The three students selected are Mikiah Mermis, Sydney Fagan, and Regan Moritz.   The students will rehearse during the day and then will present a concert at the Hays High School, Gym A, at 3:30 p.m.  Admission is $5 for adults, and students and children get in free.  Congratulations to these Trego students!