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The following link shows rosters, locations of competition, schedules, and scores of the schools in the MCL, which is Trego’s league. Please check it out and support your Eagles!


Eagles cross country does well despite impromptu meet

By Sybil Giefer
When the meet scheduled for Thursday, October 11, was cancelled due to standing water on the course, coaches started scrambling to set up a race for their athletes to run before competing at regionals. Coach Tom Friess of Hoxie put together a meet in mere moments. It was there the Eagles ran on Saturday, October 13.

For the girls, Helen Giefer came in first running 19:45. For second place, Sybil Giefer ran a 21:48. Finishing in a time of 27:45, Louise Lehy sprinted across the finish line happy to be done with the hilly course.

On the boys’ side, Wyndom Giefer crossed the line in 17:40 for first place, eighteen seconds ahead of his closest pursuer, Thaddeus Friess of Hoxie. The only other Trego boy to run the race, Benjamin Anderson finished in a time of 20:10 adding a fourth place finish to his stats.

The Eagles will next run at regionals in Meade on Saturday, October 20.


Dietz places in the top twelve at state tennis

Adrain Dietz
Determined to place in the top twelve, Adrian Dietz earns her 11th place spot at the State Meet in Pratt, where she is the third generation to show her talent.

By Cambrie Kemp
On October 13, number one singles player and senior, Adrian Dietz travelled to Pratt to compete in the 321a state tennis tournament. She placed 11th with a record of 3-1 on Friday and 1-2 on Saturday.

On Friday, Dietz faced Osborn of Greensburg and won 6-3, 6-0.  The second match of the day was more challenging and Dietz lost to Mathes of Chapparal.  However, she did not allow her confidence to be shaken and won the final matches of the day against May of Conway Springs and Clennan of Hutch Trinity.

Saturday gave her three tough matches.  She fell to Cademan of Wichita Independent and Schmake of Conway Springs.  Dietz, however, had set a goal to finish in the top twelve, and she wasn’t going to let it be taken away from her.  Her determination helped her to finish strong against her final opponent, Matteucci of Salina Sacred Heart. Dietz earned her goal and finished in 11th place.

Dietz commented on her final appearance at state tennis.

“I reached my goal of making it to the top twelve, and it was great ending with a win.”

Coach Lori Dietz reflected on Dietz’s performance.

“Adrian played this tournament in Pratt where I played in high school and Coach Briel, her grandpa, previously coached. It was exciting and emotional for me to have three generations back in Pratt.”




Trego volleyball excels at MCL

Serving against Oakley, Gracie Pfannenstiel helps the Eagles take a win during the MCL Tournament held in Smith Center on October 11.

By Madison Hafliger
The TCHS volleyball team competed at the Mid Continent League championships on Thursday, October 11, and Saturday, October 13. The Lady Eagles snatched the third place medal with a 3-1 record and a 1-1 record in finals.

On Thursday, Trego went up against Hill City and came out the victor after going through two sets. The first set, Trego ran ahead ending the set 25-15. Then, with a closer set, Trego won the second set 25-23.

The next match, also on Thursday, Trego defeated Oakley in two sets. In the first set, Trego won with a score of 25-13. Continuing to push ahead, Trego won the second set 25-13 leaving Thursday with a record of 2-0.

On Saturday, the Eagles had a good start, beating TMP in two sets. Trego won the first set 25-21. Continuing their streak they won the second set 25-22.

Coming back, Trego went up against Phillipsburg for three sets. Winning the first set 28-26, the Eagles lost 23-25 in a close second set. Falling just short, they lost the third set 20-25.

In the semifinals, Trego went up against Smith Center. In a tough match, they lost both sets 25-14 and 25-17.

Their fall to Smith Center moved them to the third place match against Norton. Playing three sets, Trego fell to Norton in the first with a score of 21-25. During the second set, Trego came back winning 25-6. In the final set of the day, Trego once again beat Norton with a score of 25-17 ending the night with third-place.




Trego’s record falls to 4-3

Football 10/12
Quarterback Keagan Shubert gets ready for the snap as the Eagles face the St. Francis Indians on October 12.

Trego knew they were facing a tough team before they got on the field.  The St. Francis Indians have seemed to easily defeat their opponents all season, and while Trego fought for two touchdowns, they could not hold back the Indians.

In the first quarter, the Indians put up 32 points.  However, the Eagles scored a touchdown, and the two point conversion was good, giving them eight points on the board.  The second quarter looked a lot like the first with the Indians once again scoring 32 points.  The Eagles put up 6 points.  The contest came to an end at the half with a score of 14-64.

Carter Minson and Dallas Schneider each added a touchdown to their stats.

The Eagles will face Hoxie in Indian territory on October 19.