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Student of the week Joey Fry

Joey Fry

Joey Fry was selected for the TCHS Student of the Week for responsibility, caring, and good citizenship. Fry is the son of Christi and Kevin Fry. He is involved in is FFA, athletics, and golf. When the weather is right, he mows lawns for people. Fry stated that responsibility and respect are important because “having respect for people can go a long way. It shows that person if they are having a bad day struggling in school that they aren't the only one and that they can seek help for anything. Having responsibility in the classroom is important by turning in your assignments on time and asking questions. “



Eagles wrap-up another homecoming week

2018 Homecoming King and Queen
By Colby Burkhart
TCHS Golden Eagles celebrated Homecoming week by showing their pride from September 10-September 14.

On Monday, students and staff showed their spirit for their favorite teams including Broncos, Chiefs, Stealers, Kansas University, Kansas State, Fort Hays, and TCHS. In the morning, students were dismissed from class to decorate their sections of the school. The freshmen went with “Talon the Titans;” the sophomores went with expressing themselves by decorating it with a variety of colors; the juniors went with the theme of “Trash the Titans;" and the seniors went with a Pac-Man theme of “Beat the Titans.”

On Tuesday, every one dressed in all black for the day’s theme. Everyone dressed in all black ranging from shirts, pants, headbands, and one student even wore his dress shoes to try to win. On Wednesday, everyone searched their wardrobe to find their favorite color.

Thursday was a busy day.  The theme was Classy Day and

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students tried to be just a bit more dressed up than usual.  The evening was filled with Street Painting for the seniors, and then Powder Puff football was sponsored by FCCLA.  Finally, the evening concluded with the annual bonfire and pep rally.

Friday was another big day.  The students and staff decked themselves in the school’s colors and revved up their spirit by participating in some afternoon activities such as face painting, jousting, fence decorating, and washers.  The students then proceeded downtown for the annual Homecoming pep rally.

Just before the kick-off, the Homecoming Ceremony commenced with the candidates of Adrianne Carr and Nathaniel Werth, Jenna Howard and Keagan Shubert, Adrian Dietz and Willy Barney, and Helen Giefer and Dallas Schneider arriving to the field in convertibles.  The crowd waited expectantly for the winners before hearing the names of the 2018 King and Queen, Keagan Shubert and Helen Giefer.

Student Council would like to thank the Booster Club, Fire Department, the LEC,  those who donated and drove convertibles, and  all those who helped to make this year’s Homecoming celebrations a success.



Trego girls get powderpuff tough

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The FCCLA sponsored a powderpuff game to help celebrate Homecoming. The senior and junior teams ended the evening in a tie.



Seniors paint the town

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On September 13, the senior class invaded Main Street to paint the streets for Homecoming.  Students painted such things as their names, the year 2019, and Trego Eagles all up and down the bricks.  Once the streets were adequately covered, the seniors then decided to paint one another.  Many ended up covered from head to toe, but their smiles and laughter indicated that it was an experience well worth it.  The senior class would like to give a special thank you to Floyd Dinkel for mixing the paint and helping in the clean-up. 



Meet senior Keagan Shubert

Keagan Shubert
Looking for an open man, Keagan Shubert prepares to throw the football on August 31.
By Colby Burkhart
Even though graduation is nine months away, Keagan Shubert has got his mind on college.  He plans to attend college, but he is undecided on what college he wants to go.

While he waits for graduation,  Shubert plans on making his last year of school memorable by taking advantage of what little time he has remaining.  However, one memory he already has and one that he says he will never forget is the bond he shared with his teammates in sports.

Throughout high school, his favorite subject was math, but he wishes he would have paid better attention to his English classes.

When asked how high school impacted his life, he responded, “It has taught me many valuable life lessons.” Taking what he has learned from his own experiences, he advised the underclassmen to “take advantage of every opportunity available.

All in all, high school has been a positive experience for Shubert who wouldn’t change anything about his high school life. 





Board of Education receives Heartland Community Foundation grant

BOE Grant
Excited to receive the Heartland Community Foundation grant, Board of Education members Dale Pfannenstiel, Tavis Desormiers, Seth Kastle, Dawn Howard, and Lee Sells hold the check from the foundation which was presented by Hardy Howard and Christi Desormiers.

By Wyndom Giefer
On Monday, September 10, the Board of Education received a $50,069 grant from Heartland Community Foundation.

The Heartland Community Foundation is affiliated with the Dane G. Hansen foundation, but it is specifically for grants in the counties of Ellis, Rooks, and Trego. Bev Armbruster wrote the grant for the Pre-School, which received $3,052 for new building blocks and supplies. Shea Rothchild wrote the grant for the new Frog Fitness Machines in the high school. That grant was $7,160. The new Electronic Control Entry System was funded by the $39,857 grant written by Tavis Desormiers.

The students and faculty from TCHS and TGS as well as the community are very grateful for the grant funds.















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