TCHS art students travel to Hays for the annual art exhibit

Eagle painting
The Eagle painting, created by Whitney Bullock, Emmit Owens, Ruchi Bhakta, Valerie Scott, Poli Theodosiou, and Katie Ward will be displayed in the TCHS office.

By Cambrie Kemp
On April 19, 27 TCHS art students traveled to Hays for the Fort Hays Art Show held in the Gross Memorial Coliseum.

The students started the day off by viewing all the other art submitted by various schools throughout Kansas. Then students were invited to explore the Fort Hays Art Department’s open house.

The students who brought art to the art show will have their art on display in the Commons Area during the Evening of Excellence on May 10 from 4:00 to 7:30.

TCHS brought an assortment of pastels, colored pencil artwork, ceramics and paintings. In the art show, no places were given, although, students did receive 20 Awards of Merit. The following students received Awards of Merit for their pieces of artwork: Poli Theodosiou, Emmit Owens, Whitney Bullock, Michaela Stefan, Katie Ward, Valerie Scott, William Barney, Weston Deaver, Adrian Dietz, Jenna Howard, Cambrie Kemp, Hannah Kinderknecht, Anthony Scott, and Christian Korbe.

The highlight of the show was a collaborative painting created by Valerie Scott, Ruchi Bhakta, Katie Ward, Poli Theodosiou, Emmit Owens, and Whitney Bullock. The painting shows a collage of eagles and will be hung in the TCHS office.




Moden signs letter of intent

Molly Moden

Supported by her parents, Molly Moden signs her National Letter of Intent to ride on the division one equestrian team at the University of Georgia on April 12.


Baby mania

Adrian Dietz
After a stressful 24 hours with her, Adrian Dietz shows off her baby, Natalie.

By Alyssa Hafliger
The students in Karen Cook’s second hour parenting class were tested over their ability and will to care for their future children using the Baby Think it Over Program.

The students were tested on a 24 hour schedule. The infant simulator, which actually looks like a real baby, requires the participants to provide care for them. If the baby is handled roughly, held in a position they don’t like, or if the head is not supported properly, they will cry.

The students were graded on their daily logs, on the data retrieved from the baby, and a summary of the students’ experiences.

Madison Hafliger started her project on Wednesday, April 5 and named hers Desmind Hafliger

Hafliger shared an unusual experience. “I think everyone had it simple except me. If you compare the logs between me and another student, you would be amazed. I felt the baby wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Other students participating were Lacey Windholz, Adrian Dietz, Katie Ward, Kitty Gallant, and Haylee Gentry.





Juniors present decade projects

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By Helen Giefer
During the week of April 3, junior American History students at TCHS presented their decade projects. The week prior, the students had prepared their presentations. Decades included the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

For the projects, the groups of three or four students dressed up in stylish clothing from their decade. They prepared a PowerPoint, poster, or some other form of visual aid. Students could also show music videos and play games from their decades. The juniors had to present their projects in front of their class.

Requirements were at least 15 minutes for the total presentation. Each student had to speak for at least three minutes.

Social science teacher Gwen Hammerschmidt’s goals in having the students present these projects are to help the students learn more about each decade and to practice presenting in front of people and working with groups.





Students receive Dane Hansen

Dane Hanson Dane Hanson

Dean Barney received the Hansen Student Scholarship renewable for one year. Any student going to a four-year college was eligible for the award.

John Kuhn, Sean Conness, and Josie Molitor (not pictured) received the Career and Technical Education Scholarship renewable for one year. Any student planning to earn a technical or career education was eligible for the award.





Lions Club Honors TCHS students for their academic achievements

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By Michael Knight
The Lions Club hosted their 52nd annual scholarship banquet at the Western Kansas Saloon in WaKeeney on March 6.

Dawn Howard started the evening with welcoming everyone who attended. Then, Gwen Hammerschmidt led the flag salute and Jon Anderson led the group in a prayer.

The guests and students where served a choice of cheeseburger, sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried steak, or a chef salad

The crowd was entertained by forensics students.  Grace’ Glatz performed a poetry piece, Ryan Townley read a story, Bryn Hafliger presented prose, and Leyton Brock and Julian Coker performed a sample IDA.

Entertainment was followed by recognizing each qualifying student with a certificate for his or her academic achievement.

Sophomores were Kelby Aschenbrenner, Leyton Brock, Tyrel Hafliger, Dalton Mai, Keagan Shubert, Helen Giefer, Evan Wilds, Austin Cramer, Julian Coker, Cambrie Kemp, Jenna Howard, Adrianne Carr, Madison Hafliger, Brenna Flax, and Ryan Townley.

Juniors included Sarah Schoenberger, Valerie Scott, Aleah Howard, Bailey Mattke, Madison Schoenthaler, Janae Huxman, Emma Anderson, Taylor Sells, Ruchi Bhakta, Jacob Schneider, and Cassidi Hickson.

Seniors were Cheyenne Nickelson, Emarie Schoenthaler, Molly Moden, Sean Conness, Dean Barney, and Kacie Dunn.

In order to qualify, sophomores must have a GPA of 3.8 or higher.  Juniors must have a GPA of 3.7 or higher, and seniors must have a GPA of 3.6 or higher.


Two receive All Academic Team

All Academic

Cheyenne Nickelson and Kacie Dunn proudly show their All Academic Team certificates.   They were honored for maintaining a 3.85 GPA and participating in 12 or more KSHSAA activities.






Trego success adds up at math relays

By Michael Knight
Several TCHS students traveled to Fort Hays for the annual Math Relays on November 10.  Trego got 47 total points, which ranked them fifth out of 21 2A/3A schools.

Students participated in six events, Using Number Sense, Trigonometry, Algebraic Manipulations, Informal Geometry, Application Algebra, and Calculations with Calculators. The participants placed as individuals and as teams.

The junior team, consisting of Ruchi Bhakta, Janae Huxman, Madison Schoenthaler, and Taylor Sells did exceptionally well in the Math Relays by placing first in Informal Geometry. The team consisting of Ruchi Bhakta, Madison Schoenthaler, and Helen Giefer took fourth in Applications of Algebra. Individual Ruchi Bhakta took second in Algebraic Manipulations and sixth in Calculations with Calculators.

Sophomores also had an remarkable performance. Individual Helen Giefer placed first in two events: Using Number Sense and Algebraic Manipulations. Also, she took second in Calculations with Calculators. The team included Helen Giefer, Brenna Flax, Keagan Shubert, and Austin Cramer.

Freshmen came out with success in the relays, placing sixth as a team in Using Number Sense and fifth in Algebraic Manipulation. The team consisted of Libby Frost, Dillon Dunn, and Clay Burk.