Austin Cramer
American Legion
Dalton Mai
Applegate Scholarship
Adrianne Carr
Applegate Scholarship
William Barney
Austin Cramer and Adrianne Carr
Bill and Mary Lou Harvy
Libby Frost
Leader of Tomorrow
Libby Frost
Outstanding Female Junior Athlete
Dillon Dunn
Outstanding Male Junior Athlete
Adrianne Carr
Outstanding Female Senior Athlete
Keagan Shubert
Outstanding Male Senior Athlete
Keagan Shubert
Red Cross
Brenna Flax, Austin Cramer, and Kelby Aschennbrenner
Robert L. Landers
Adrianne Carr
TCHS Class of 1968
Adrain Dietz
P.E.O. Local
Julian Coker
Collyer Community Alliance
Cambrie Kemp
Shelter Insurance
Austin Cramer
Trego County 4-H
Brenna Flax
WaKeeney Jaycees
Evan Wilds
WaKeeney Oddfellows
Austin Cramer
Nancy L. Scott
Dalton Mai and Paige Post
Connie Fabrizius Memorial
Helen Giefer and Jenna Howard
VFW Post/Auxiliary
Helen Giefer
Dale Dennis
Paige Post
Eagles Lodge
Jenna Howard
Shaw Family
Helen Giefer and Taylor Riedel
Farm Bureau
Lacey Windholz
Frontier Ag
Cambrie Kemp
Godfrey R. Lang
Brenna Flax
Hutchison Scholarship
Emma Day and Libby Frost
KAY Camp
Ryan Schrant Memorial
Austin Cramer and Adrian Dietz
Adrian Dietz
Mike's Place
Keagan Shubert, Jenna Howard, Helen Giefer, and Brenna Flax
4.0 GPA
Ryan Townley
P&G Award
Adrian Dietz
P&G Scholarship
Adrian Dietz
Pat and Goldie Gardner
Jenna Howard, Helen Giefer, Evan Wilds, Adrianne Carr, and Taylor Riedel
Christ the King
Helen Giefer and Keagan Shubert
Kansas State High School Citizenship
Helen Giefer and Keagan Shubert
TCHS Alumni Citizenship
Ryan Townley
Most Inspiring Vocal Student
TJ Hafliger, Jenna Howard, Adrianne Carr, Brenna Flax, and Keagan Shubert
Trego County
Keagan Shubert, Adrian Dietz, Kelby Aschenbrenner, Helen Giefer, Branna Flax, Adrianne Carr, Jenna Howard, Cambrie Kemp, Dalton Mai, and Evan Wilds
Austin Cramer and Brenna Flax
National Choir
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