Lady Eagles travel to Phillipsburg

By Helen Giefer
On Tuesday, September 25, the Lady Eagles volleyball team travelled to Phillipsburg and ended the day with a 2-1 record.

The first match against the Phillipsburg Panthers proved to be a struggle, and the first game came out with the Panthers on top, 18-25. The Lady Eagles came back for the second set determined but fell 21-25.

Trego next played Hill City in what turned out to be a very successful match. The first game was a breeze for the Eagles, and they won 25-17. The second match was a little tougher, but Trego fought hard and managed another win, 27-25.

Playing the Ellis Railers for the final match of the day, the Lady Eagles started out strong, as the score of the first game was 25-22. However, a win by the Railers, 24-26, committed the Eagles to play another match. Nonetheless, Trego came out victorious in the final game with an easily achieved win of 25-16.

Trego volleyball will be in action next on Tuesday, October 2, in Plainville.