Eagles fight hard at home

Volleyball 9/5
Hoping to earn her team a point, sophomore Libby Frost prepares to slam an un-returnable serve flying toward the opposing team on September 5. 
By Gracie Hickson
The Lady Eagles had a night full of exciting matches at home on Tuesday the 5.

Trego started the night playing an intense game against Norton. The first match was close with the Lady Eagles fighting hard and coming up just short, 22-25. During the second match, the Eagles came alive passing the Bluejays 25-18. The third match was a nail biter with the score at one point being tied, but the Eagles persevered and defeated the Bluejays, 25-16. 

Senior Taylor Sells shared her thoughts on what may have led to the final win over Norton.

"We finished and didn't get down on ourselves when we got behind," stated Sells.

Next, the Eagles faced Smith Center. The first match was tough with the Eagles losing 17-25. The Eagles struggled in the second match, falling 12-25.

In the last game of the night, the Eagles played an invigorating game against Plainville. The Lady Eagles had a close first game; however Plainville pulled ahead winning 23-25. Leaving it all on the court, the Trego Eagles won match two, 25-23. Match three was close with both teams fighting for the win, but the Cardinals won with a close score of 21-25.

Sells weighed in on the Plainville game. “We beat ourselves. we just need to fix some little things on our side of the court, and we’ll beat them the next time we play them.”