Volleyball is Eagle business and business is good

Volleyball 8/24
As senior Adrianne Carr looks on, sophomore Lili Shubert spikes the ball, terminating play as the ball smashes through Victoria’s attack line on August 24.

The TCHS volleyball team came out hot on Friday night for their first tournament, handing a defeat to both LaCrosse and Victoria in two sets.

The ladies quickly brought down LaCrosse.  Working together as a team and showing some strong communication skills, the Lady Eagles won the first set, 25-13.  Riding on a wave of confidence and skill, the ladies then won the second set, 25-17.

Victoria put up a little tougher fight for the Eagles.   While Victoria had a weak start in the first set, losing by 13 points, they came back in the second set and gave the Eagles more of a challenge.  However, the Eagles were able to overcome them, 28-23.

Senior Brenna Flax reflected on the night’s games.

“We set a high standard for the upcoming season. We played very well.”

She went on to note that the team is continually improving and needs to continue to believe in themselves and what they are capable of.  “If we keep pushing, we will do great,” concluded Flax.