Eagles fight

By Madison Hafliger
The Lady Eagles had two nights full of exciting matches against Plainville and Ellis on October 2 and against Hoxie and Philipsburg on October 4.

The Eagles played an invigorating game against Plainville. The Lady Eagles had a close first game winning 26-24. Leaving it all on the court, the Trego Eagles won set two, 25-18. During the second game of the day the Eagles lost their focus losing 20-25. However, in set two they won 25-17. Set three was close with both teams fighting for the win, but the Lady Eagles pushed through and won the third set 25-23.

Two days later, Trego started the night playing an intense game against Hoxie. The team pushed forward winning the first set 25-13. During the second match, the Eagles cut it close winning the second set at 25-22. Later that day, the Eagles played a tough game against Philipsburg. The Lady Eagles had a close first game; however, Philipsburg pulled ahead winning 21-25. Set two was a struggle for our team­­ they lost their confidence losing 16-25.