Tennis girls place 3rd at MCL

Dietz prepares for a forehand shot at the MCL tournament in Phillipsburg on September 30.
By James Opat
Lady Eagles tennis travelled to Phillipsburg on September 30 to participate in the mixed league tournament.

In number one singles, Adrian Dietz had the record of 2-2. Her first loss was to Osborne, 1-8. She then lost against Victoria,0-8. Dietz’s wins were against Phillipsburg and Norton, 8-3, 8-4. She earned a 3rd place medal for the day.

Also medaling for 3rd, Madison Schoenthaler and Valerie Scott , number one doubles players, started the day with a win agianst Osborne, 8-2. However, they lost their second two matches against Victoria, 4-8, and Phillipsburg, 1-8. Schoenthaler and Scott ended the day with a win against Norton, 8-0.

In number two singles, Sina Litzius had the record of 1-3. Her first loss was to Osborne, 3-8. She then lost against Victoria,0-8. Litzius third loss was against Phillipsburg, 6-8. However she won her last match against Norton, 8-3. She earned a 4th  place for the day.

Number two doubles was occupied by Julian Coker and Ruchi Bhakta. They unfortunately had three losses, ending in 4th place. The Lady Eagles’ next meet will be regionals in Phillipsburg on October 5.