Trego tennis at Colby

Tennis 912
Returning her opponent’s serve, Madison Schoenthaler adds a mark in the winner’s column for Trego on September 12.

By Julian Coker
On September 12, the girls’ tennis team traveled to Colby to play a duel. The only teams participating in the meet were Colby and Trego. The girls played both singles and doubles.

Adrian Dietz had a perfect record of 2-0 ending the day. She beat her first opponent, Madisyn Lemman, 8-3. She also beat her second opponent Alyssa Craft, 8-1. Madison Schoenthaler won her match 8-4, against Bailey Britton. Cambrie Kemp fell to her opponent Caitlin Tinkham, 4-8. Valerie Scott won her match against Isabel Dixon in tie break, 7-3. Codi Bliss also won her match in tiebreaker against April Swartz, 7-1. Julian Coker fell to her opponent, Lexy Kraft, 2-8. Cassidi Hickson also fell to her opponent, Emeline Hutton, 3-8.

Doubles players, Madison Schoenthaler and Valerie Scott, won their doubles match 8-2 against Caitlin Tinkham and April Swartz. Doubles players, Codi Bliss and Cassidi Hickson, fell to their opponents Isabel Dixon and Bailey Britton, 2-8. Doubles players, Cambrie Kemp and Julian Coker also fell to their opponents Lexy Kraft and Emeline Hutton, 3-8.

Colby had a record of 6-5 and Trego had a record of 6-5 ending the day. Trego took second by 0.02% points.

Trego girls’ tennis will meet in Claflin on September 19.