Mixed league tournament

Tennis 10/1
Following a tradition, Molly Moden and Valerie Scott celebrate a point by clapping rackets.
By Adrian Dietz
Lady Eagles tennis travelled to Phillipsburg on October 1 to participate in the mixed league tournament.

Number two doubles was occupied by Molly Moden and Valerie Scott. They had an outstanding day with a record of 4-0 and placed first. Their first win was against Osborne, 8-1. With Norton and Victoria leaving number two doubles open, Moden and Scott received wins from both. Their last win was against Phillipsburg, 8-4.

In number one singles, Adrian Dietz had the record of 1-3. Her first lost was to Osborne, 3-8. She won her second match against Norton, 8-5. Dietz’s second loss was to Victoria 0-8. She ended the day with a loss to Phillipsburg, 0-8.

Lexus Haxton and Kacie Dunn, number one doubles players, started the day with a loss to Osborne, 0-8. However, they won their second match against Norton, 8-0. Haxton and Dunn’s second loss was to Victoria, 4-8. Their last match was Phillipsburg, 4-8. They had a record of 1-3, placing fourth.

The girls will participate in Regionals here at home on October 7 and 8.