TCHS Lady Eagles make history.

Libby Frost holds off the Knight defense before going for the goal.

By Paige Post.
The Purple and Gold Tournament was held the week of December 3, and for the first time in the tournament’s history, the Lady Eagle walked away as the champions.

The Lady Eagles began the journey to their number one position Tuesday, December 4, with a victory against Stockton.

During the first quarter, the Eagles blew away the Tigers 19-0. In the second quarter the Eagles scored

After becoming the Purple and Gold Champions, the Lady Eagles display their well-earned trophy and medals.  Congratulations, Lady Eagles.

6 points to Stockton’s 0.  The Eagles returned after halftime, however, and struggled by scoring 11 points to Stockton’s 20. The fourth quarter was close with a score of 16-12. At the final buzzer, the score was 52-32. The top scorer of the night was Lili Shubert who scored 14 points.

The Eagles did not play again until Friday, December 7, when they faced Victoria.  The first quarter was low scoring for both teams, 8-5.  However, the Ladies warmed up and shook off their nerves in the second quarter, scoring 18 points to Victoria’s 7.  The second half was a closely fought battle with the Eagles adding 10 points during the third quarter and Victoria adding 15.  Both teams added another 15 points to their scores, but the Eagles were on top 51-42 at the final buzzer, giving them the opportunity to play for the championship. Lili Shubert was once again the top scorer with 25 points for the Eagles.

The championship game was held on Saturday, December 8, and the Eagles squared off against Oakley.  The game was close and the quarters seemed to repeat one another.  The Eagles had a two point lead at the half, 14-12.  The third quarter, however, put the Eagles up by 7 when they added 11 points to Oakley’s 6.  The fourth quarter again ended in 7- 6 and a hard-fought game ended with a Lady Eagle victory of 32-24.