Lady Eagles struggle against TMP

Guarded by two TMP opponents, Gracie Pfannenstiel attempts to pass to a teammate on January 9.

By Dawson Arnold
The Trego Lady Eagles struggled in their game against TMP at Trego Community High School on January 9.

TMP started with a lead, scoring 16 points in the first quarter; however, Trego ended up only scoring 10 points at the end of the quarter. The first quarter ended with the score 10-16.  Trego began to fall behind some more in the second half with Trego scoring 13 to TMP's 17.

In the third quarter, the Eagles scored 5 points, and TMP took 15. Trego fell in the final quarter, scoring 4 points while TMP  scored 11. The final score was 32-59.

Sophomore Gracie Pfannenstiel got the top score for the Eagles scoring 9 points overall in the game. Lili Shubert and Janae Huxan both also stood out and put up 6 points for the Eagles.