Lady Eagles give it their all at TMP

Girls' Basketball 1/8

As Gracie Pfannenstiel shoots a three point shot, Hannah Kinderknecht sets a screen for Libby Frost, who makes her way to the basket to get the rebound.

By Emma Kostic
On Tuesday, January 8, The Trego Lady Eagles went to Hays for their first game after break, to face off TMP.

The fact that TMP was a very tough team put no damper on the determination of our girls. They put every last bit of energy into the game once they got onto the court.

The Lady Eagles did an amazing job at getting down the court and rebounding the ball. They showed effort and attitude, which is the most important. The highest scorer of the night was Libby Frost (11), with an astounding 19 points.

During the first period, the girls were a couple of points behind TMP, only to come back in the second period and stay in lead until the final second of the game. The two point lead they had over TMP was ruined in the last second of the game when TMP shot a 3 point shot and made it.

This was their first loss of the season, however, it will only encourage the team to work harder. They are already getting ready for the next game, on January 11 at Ness City, and are determined to show no mercy.