Trego girls pound the Red Devils

Avoiding her opponent’s block, Libby Frost takes a shot at home on December 15.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS girls’ basketball team pounded the Oberlin Red Devils at home on December 15.

The first quarter was evenly matched between both teams. However, Oberlin edged out the Eagles with one point. The score was 11-12. Trego “turned the tables” and overtook the Red Devils with a score of 19-15 at half-time.

Flying out of the locker room to start the third quarter, the Eagles dominated Oberlin with a score of 37-20 which left the Red Devils in the dust. Trego showed no mercy and continued to slam Oberlin. The scoreboard read 49-29 at the end of the game.

Lili Shubert and Gracie Pfannenstiel both scored the most points with 10 each.