Seniors’ high school football careers come to a close

By Austin Clanton
The Trego Eagles fought hard against the St. Francis Indians but lost 0-58 in their final game of the season.

Ten seniors ended their high school football careers but left the field with lasting memories.

Three seniors, Brady Mattke,  Austin Kinderknecht, and Tate Pfannenstiel reflected on the past four years.

Mattke stated that football brought him closer to friends and his best memory is his “first and only touchdown scored freshman year.”

Kinderknecht will always remember being with teammates and will miss being with the team.  In fact, he commented that football “taught me how to work with a team.”  However, Kinderknecht won’t just miss his team.  “I am going to miss sacking the other team’s quarterback,” he smiled. 

Agreeing with his fellow players, Pfannenstiel will also remember working with his teammates and miss working with his team.  "Football taught me to work hard for something you want,” concluded Pfannenstiel.