Eagles fall to Wichita County

Football 9/28 //Gavin Garza
Number 32, Gavin Garza, defends Dallas Schneider during a first-quarter run on September 28.
By Weston Deavor
Trego Eagles met their toughest match, Leoti-Wichita County, on Friday, September 28, 2018. The Eagles walked away defeated with a score of 12-58. Both teams had experienced blow-out wins and had records of 3-1 before the beginning of the evening.

The two teams appeared equally matched in the first quarter. The Indians made a touchdown with a 10-yard run, but the Eagles defense wouldn’t allow them any more points.  The Eagles scored in the final seconds with a 42-yard run by Dallas Schneider.  However, the extra points were no good and the first quarter score was 6-3.

The Eagles struggled in the second quarter.  The Indians seemed to make touchdown after touchdown.  Determined to add points to the Eagle score, Gavin Garza scored a 52-yard touchdown kick return in the second quarter, but the extra points were no good.  For the remainder of the quarter, the Eagles were unable to keep the Indians out of the end zone and the game ended at the conclusion of the second quarter with a score of 12-58.