Eagles have streak of bad luck

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The Golden Eagles faced the 5-1 Hoxie Indians at Hoxie on October 13.

Flying into the first quarter, the Eagles were caught off guard as the Indians surpassed them by scoring 14 points to Trego’s zero.

The Eagles regained their confidence and pulled away with 16 points to start their run on the scoreboard. However, the Indians also scored 16 points and maintained their lead on Trego. The score was 16-30 at half-time.

After a short break, Trego came to play and managed to score eight more points against the Indians. Hoxie, on the other hand, scored 12 points.

Running into the last quarter, the Eagles succeeded in scoring another six points, but they were no match for the Indians who made 24 points. The final score was 30-66.