Eagles Challenge the Red Devils

Running the ball, TJ Hafliger attempts to make some yardage on Red Devil turf on October 7.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner

The Trego Golden Eagles football team challenged the Red Devils in Decatur County on October 7.

Trego showed Decatur who was boss in the first quarter by scoring 16 points to Decatur’s eight.

However, in the second quarter, the Decatur Red Devils reclaimed their territory by putting 16 points up on the board. Unfortunately, the Golden Eagles were unable to answer with any points, which left the halftime score 16-22.

The halftime talk did its job, and Trego swooped into the third quarter by scoring 12 points in touchdowns. Decatur added six points, which left the game tied at 28-28.

The last quarter was a dogfight, but the night ended with a score of Trego 36, Decatur 44.

One Trego fan stated, “It was a good game.  Sure, it would have been even better if the Eagles had come out on top, but the boys played hard. They gave Decatur more than a few bruises.”