Football 2016

2016 Trego Eagles Football Team

Front row from left: Ryan Quinn, John Kuhn, Blake Spencer, Carter Minson, James Williams, Ryan Baker, Colby Burkhart
Middle row: Assistant coach Taylor Haxton, Dillon Dunn, Mason Gobin, Nathaniel Werth, Brendan Flax, Austin Kinderknecht, Hunter Folsom, Kolby Walt, mgr. Amiya Schmitt, Coach Pat Haxton
Back row: Assistant coach Jason Draper, Alex Haxton, Tyrel Hafliger, Tanner Lowry, Hunter Price, Brady Mattke, Keagan Shubert, Tate Pfannenstie, Dallas Schneider, Parker opat



Football prepares to smash the season

Football 2016
With excitement, Coach Pat Haxton speaks about his 2016 football team.

By Helen Giefer
The Golden Eagles football team has had a strong start to the season, and with 23 players out for the sport, all the coaches have no plans to stop.

Coach Pat Haxton states, "I prepare the kids every day the best I can." His goal is to encourage his players to get better every day by working hard in practice and in weight class.

This goal has made its way to the players.

In fact, according to one of the seniors on the team, Alex Haxton, the season goals for the team are getting “better every rep every day and to keep outworking our opponents.” He stated that the athletes had worked out in the weight room during the off-season as well.

"We all work together on and off the field and have lots of fun,” commented Alex Haxton.  "We are all close, so we play hard for each other.”



TCHS football builds a relationship with the second graders

Reading Program

Alex Haxton plays Lincoln Logs with some of the students in Carr’s class.

By Lacey Windholz
Members of the TCHS football team have spent several weeks reading to the second grade classes. Their last day with the second graders was November 3.

The second grade students are focused on team work and respect, and the football members were invited to read with the second graders to create a relationship with them. In addition, the football team helped the second graders reach their Accelerated Reader goals by reading to them.

The second graders favorite day is when the football team comes and visits them. In fact, one second grader, Mason Spencer stated, “Reading with them is my favorite part.”

Some of the players that attended were Alex Haxton, John Kuhn, Brady Mattke, Tate Pfannenstiel, Keagan Shubert, Tyrel Hafliger, and Nathaniel Werth.

Werth explained the best part of going and playing with the second graders.  “I really like getting involved with them and they are really fun to play with.”

Chris Carr, second grade teacher, also explained what the goals of the program are and how they help the second grade students.

“This program creates a relationship with the football players. The second graders look up to our football players, and they love this day where they can interact and play with them. This day also gives something for the second graders to look forward to other than school work.”

The second grade class and football players are looking forward to more fun activities that they will do together throughout this school year.







Varsity Schedule Story Score
9/2 Stockton @ Home 7pm

9/9 Trego @ South Gray 7pm

9/16 Trego @ Quinter 7pm
9/23 Wallace Co. @ Home 7pm
9/30 Hill City @ Home 7pm
10/7 Trego @ Oberlin 7pm

10/14 Hoxie @ Home 7pm


10/21 Trego @ Rawlins County 7pm