Eagles battle Stockton Tigers

Basketball 2/7
Going for a lay-up, Emmit Owens rushes through his opponent on February 7.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS boys’ basketball team stayed at their home nest as they battled the Stockton Tigers on February 7.

In the first quarter, the Eagles schooled the Tigers by outscoring them 10-9. Trego played a good second quarter, but Stockton slid past them with a score of 21-24 at half-time.

The Eagles broke out of the locker room and scored point for point with the Tigers 17, but the Eagles were still short at the end of the third, 38-41. Trego gave it their all and tried to triumph against Stockton, but the scoreboard read 48-63 at the end of the night.

Trego’s top scorer of the game was Tate Pfannenstiel with 16 total points. Emmit Owens was close behind with 15 points. Hunter Olson also scored 10 points for the team.

Team player Tate Pfannenstiel weighed in on what the team needed to work on to be ready for the next game.

“I think our offense is fine; we just need to work on defense and rebound more.”