Trego bulldozes the Bulldogs

Boys' Basketball 2/21
Receiving a pass from a teammate, Sean Conness squares up to attempt a three point shot.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
In their last game of the season, Trego bulldozed the Bulldogs at home on February 21.

The game was tight in the first quarter with the Eagles scoring 12 points and the Bulldogs scoring 10 points. Trego came to play in the second quarter and gained a huge lead against Quinter by scoring 17 points to eight points. The scoreboard read 29-18 at half-time.

In the second half, the Eagles maintained their lead against the Bulldogs. Trego scored 17 points and Quinter scored 16. The score was 46-34 at the end of the third quarter. The opposing Bulldogs gained confidence and caught up with Trego by scoring 20 points, but the Eagles outscored Quinter in the end with 12 points, making the final score 58-54.

Emmit Owens once again scored the most points on the team with 19. Not far behind were Tate Pfannenstiel and Hunter Olson, scoring 11 points each.