Golden Eagles defeat Red Devils

The Golden Eagles traveled to Oberlin on January 6 to make-up a game originally scheduled for December 16 and returned home with a 51-39 victory.

The Eagles dominated the Devils through the first half, allowing the Devils to score 14 points while the Eagles headed to the locker room with 28 points. 

The second half brought some improvement for the Red Devils, who had their highest scoring quarter with 13 points.  However, the Eagles put up point for point and added 14.  While the Devils did outscore the Eagles in the fourth quarter, 9-12, the Eagles added a win to their season record.

Senior player Emmit Owens scored 12 points for the Eagles; however, teammates Tate Pfannenstiel and Keagan Shubert both were close behind Owens with 11 points.

Teammate Taylor Riedel weighed in on the contributions to the win, stating that “defense” was the main aspect that led them to a victory over the Red Devils.