Trego faces Norton in a dogfight

By William Wilson
Trego played a fantastic game against Norton at home on Tuesday, January 23.

The Eagles struggled against Norton’s basketball team in the first quarter, first scoring five points to Norton’s 11. The second quarter went more smoothly for Trego who put up 20 points while Norton managed 18.

The third quarter ended with Norton doubling Trego’s points, with five points for the Eagles and a total of another 10 for Norton. With the Trego Eagles trying their utmost to triumph, they ended the fourth quarter with another 16 points, but once again Norton got the upper hand and finished the fourth quarter with 21 points. The buzzer sounded with Trego at 41 and Norton at 49.

The Trego Eagles, all making a good amount of points, averaged 5.125 points per player. Kobi Shubert and Carter Minson scored the most on the team, with nine points each, totaling almost half of the team’s points.

Kobi Shubert commented that both teams played with a good offense but that Norton managed to trump Trego’s defense.

With their heads held high, the Trego Eagles look forward to getting back on the court at Hill City on January 26.