Eagles squash the Thunderhawks

Helping the Eagles defeat the Thunderhawks, Kobi Shubert sets up a play.


By Katelyn Cody
On Tuesday, December 18, the Eagles added another win to their season, defeating Wheatland/Grinnell, 57-26.

Starting off the game strong, the Eagles put up 16 points to Wheatland/Grinnell’s seven. As they stayed in the lead, the boys added ten while Wheatland/Grinnell yielded eight. This left the halftime score at 26-15.

The Eagles came back even stronger gaining 18 more points, holding Wheatland/Grinnell to only 4 points. With one quarter left, the score read 44-19. In the last quarter, Trego gained 13 more points as Wheatland/Grinnell gained 7 points.

The Eagles will hit the court again after break when they face TMP on January 8.