Eagles face Devils and win

Sizing up his chances at a goal, Carter Minson decides to put the ball up for the opportunity to score against the Decatur Red Devils on December 14.

The TCHS boys’ basketball team added another victory to their record, defeating the Decatur Community Red Devils 44-34 on Friday, December 14.

Fans may have felt a bit nervous during the first quarter as the Eagles seemed to get off to a shaky start by only scoring two points.  At the end of the first quarter, the Red Devils were up by ten.  The lead shrank quickly in the second quarter, however.  The Eagles put up 15 points while the Devils scored eight.  This put the halftime score at 17-20, and the Eagles were back in the game.

The team emerged after halftime more than ready to play.  The Eagles kept Decatur away from the goal, allowing them only three points, but Trego found the basket for 12 points.  The Eagles maintained their lead throughout the fourth quarter, and at the final buzzer the score was 44-34.