Trego boys’ basketball struggles against Ness City

Boys' Basketball 1/13

Driving in for a layup, Keagan Shubert works to get around the defense.

By Helen Giefer
The Eagles worked hard in their home basketball game against Ness City on January 13 but lost with the final score of 41-59.

Trego played very well in the first quarter, ending the quarter with the score 14-12. However, they lost their lead in the second quarter, making seven points to Ness City’s 15. The score at half time read 21-27.

Struggling to keep up in the third quarter, the Eagles only received three points while Ness City scored 20. The score at the end of the third quarter read 24-47. Coming back in the final quarter, the Eagles scored 17 points while Ness City made only 12, which ended the game with the score 41-59.

Hunter Olsen scored the most points for the team. He put up six shots, making 17 points. Hunter Price led the team in rebounds, making three offensive rebounds and four defensive rebounds.