TCHS boys’ basketball start season

Boys' Basketball 12/1
Showing his vertical strength, Hunter Olson jumps over a Dighton opponent to gain two points for the Eagles.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS boys’ basketball team started the season with an exceptionally close game against the Dighton Hornets on December 1.

In the first quarter, Trego fought hard but couldn’t put up any points as Dighton scored six against the Eagles. The boys regained their confidence and pushed to throw 10 points onto the scoreboard in their favor. However, Dighton edged them out with 12 points. The score was 10-18 at half-time.

Trego blew past the Hornets by scoring nine points to Dighton's four points. The Eagles began to close the gap with Dighton. The score was 19-22 at the end of the third quarter.  Trego continued to improve on their scoring as 17 points were scored to Dighton’s 15. The Hornets edged out the Eagles with one point. The scoreboard read 36-37 at the end of the night.

Hunter Olson was the top scorer for Trego with 19 of the 36 points.

Brendan Flax commented that the team’s highlight of the night was that they “played defense” well.