science club
Science Club

Front row from left: Clay Burk, Dalton Mai, Brenna Flax, Leyton Brock, Sarah Schoenberger, Anthony Scott
Back row: Codi Bliss, Adrianne Carr, Andrew Mejia, Benjamin Anderson, Dylan Johnson




Researching green turns to gold

Science Fair
Displaying his findings, Clay Burk prepares to present his research on Carbon Fixation to a panel of judges at the FHSU Science and Engineering Fair.  Burk earned a gold medal for his work.

TCHS sophomore Clay Burk presented his research on “The Effect of Increased Carbon Dioxide on Carbon Fixation” at the FHSU Science and Engineering Fair and received a gold medal in the Environmental Sciences Category.

“Carbon Fixation is the process of plants taking in carbon from the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide, and then adding it to themselves thus increasing their mass,” explained Burk.

Burk spent nearly a month experimenting on four groups of plants by adding different amounts of carbon dioxide to each group through the form of Alka-Seltzer. He then determined the exact mass of the carbon of each plant.

Burk had to present his information to three judges in the form of a speech.  He also had to answer all of the judges’ questions.

While the results of the experiment were clear, these results raised more questions for Burk.  “My results may be the basis for future experiments,” concluded Burk.





Jack Kilby Science Day

Jack Kilby Day

Student Clay Burk uses electrophoresis to separate the colors in food coloring.

By Clay Burk
Students in James Burk’s science club took a trip to Barton Community College to attend Jack Kilby Day.

When the students arrived, they were given a presentation on the effects of global warming on Kansas agriculture. After that, the students attended two classes that they had chosen.  These included forensic analysis of blood stains, and electrophoresis on food coloring.

The students were given a free lunch of pizza before heading home.