Student Council provides students with a break

Student Council BBQ
Playing four-square, senior Alex Haxton and junior Blake Spencer enjoy a break from their usual class during the Student Council BBQ on February 15.
By Emarie Schoenthaler
Trego Community High School Student Council hosted its annual student barbecue and activities day on February 15.

The purpose behind the BBQ is to allow students from all classes to get together for a small break from the academic schedule and for a chance to bond. "Sometimes January and February seem like a very long and dreary time, so the students appreciate and enjoy the small reprieve from the daily grind," stated Nora Schoenthaler, a Student Council sponsor.

The usual lunch schedule was ignored on this day, and students reported by class, starting with the seniors.  This gave the students an opportunity to eat and visit with people they usually don't get to see.

While the students enjoy the lunch, many find the activities to be the best part of the event. As students finished eating, they went to the gym and participated in activities such as basketball, dodgeball, ping pong, and four-square.

Many students declared, "It's like having recess again!"

At the end of the lunch hour, students returned to their classes hopefully feeling a bit more ready to face the normal academic challenges.




Student Council sponsors food drive

By Emarie Schoenthaler
During the week of February 13, the Trego Student Council sponsored a food drive for the local Food Pantry.

Each class brought items to come out on top in a class competition. Sophomores brought the most, earning themselves a pizza party. Seniors and freshman were tied for second, each class getting extra credit from teacher of their choice.

Over 200 items were collected throughout the week.

TCHS Blood Drive

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By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS Red Cross Blood Drive was once again successful. The school exceeded their goal of 43 donations with an ending total of 54. This earned the school a $250 scholarship.

Many of those donations were from students. In fact, twenty-nine students had appointments to donate blood, which was a record number. “Student participation was impressive, and it certainly speaks highly of the student character here at TCHS,” added Student Council sponsor Nora Schoenthaler.

In addition to student donors, several students helped make the day successful. FCCLA made sandwiches for the donors while Student Council found volunteers for various jobs. A few students worked at the admissions table while others escorted donors to the canteen.

First time donor, Brenna Flax commented on her experience. “I thought it was really awesome getting to watch them put the needle in my arm and take the blood. It’s for a great cause.”

TCHS would like to thank all of the community members who donated and to Carl Mohler for finding tables for the event.




2016 homecoming candidates

Homecoming Candidates

Queen candidates from left: Emily Buchholz, Lexus Haxton, Kacie Dunn, and Molly Moden
King candidates from left: Tanner Lowry, Sean Conness, Alex Haxton, and John Kuhn


Homecoming at TCHS

By Lacey Windholz
The TCHS students and faculty celebrated Homecoming week on September 19-September 23.

2016 Homecoming King and Queen
2016 Homecoming King and Queen, Alex Haxton and Emily Buchholz

On Monday, it was a “lazy day” for TCHS. Students and teachers celebrated the morning by dressing in their PJs, and then during first hour, the classes got together to decorate their halls with posters, streamers, and balloons.

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On Tuesday, TCHS acted a little inside out. Students and faculty wore their shirts and pants inside out for the whole day.

On Wednesday, there were more teachers than students. TCHS students had fun dressing up as their favorite teacher.

On Thursday, dressing for gold, many students and faculty dressed like their favorite Olympian. Later that day the seniors had a blast painting Main Street.  After the street painting, FCCLA challenged the strong competitive girls of TCHS to a game of powder-puff football. After the game, FFA invited the students to the bonfire. All students came together to show their Golden Eagle pride and help boost the spirits for the game.

On Friday, TCHS had the traditional purple and gold day to show their school spirit. Classes also did many fun activities like face painting, a competitive goal kicking contest, or a good game of washers. After the activities, all the students were dismissed to the downtown pep rally.

Before the big game, the Homecoming ceremony took place, and the 2016 Homecoming King and Queen, Alex Haxton and Emily Buchholz, were crowned.

Student Council would like to thank the Booster Club, Fire Department, the LEC,  those who donated and drove convertibles, and  all those who helped to make this year’s Homecoming celebrations a success.