Front row from left: Leyton Brock, Madison Schoenthaler, Sarah Schoenberger, Cassidi Hickson, Janae Huxman, Emma Anderson
Middle row: Jessika Chapman, Lili Shubert, Libby Frost, Emma Day, Gracie Pfannenstiel
Back row: Gavin Garza, Keagan Shubert, Hunter Folsom, Kelby Aschenbrenner, Gracie Hickson



Spring fling

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By Gracie Hickson
The TCHS Stuco put on a new-and-improved Spring Fling during fourth and fifth hour on April 4.

As everyone gathered in the old gym for the events, ten students prepared for a ten minute hot dog eating contest. During this contest, the participants had to eat as many hot dogs as they could in ten minutes. The competitors got a cup of water to help wash down their hot dogs. Senior, Hunter Olson won, eating a total of 12 hot dogs.

After the hot dog eating contest, eleven teams with four members in each group got ready for a relay with four different obstacles. Two of the teams were made up of staff members. The first member of the team had to scooter from one end of the gym to the other. The next person had to run to the center of the gym and hula-hoop for ten seconds. Next, one member had to balance a book on their head from one end of the gym to the other. Finally, the last member had to make a free throw and a three pointer.

The winning team was the Recreational Hazards. The team consisted of Principal Shea Rothchild, Taylor Tomsic, Lori Dietz, and Blair Nickelson.



“Pennies for Patients”

Pennies for Patients
Hunter Folsom appears to just be “hanging around” after students tape him to the wall as part of the Pennies for Patients fundraiser.

The Trego Community High School has spent much of February raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society with their annual “Pennies for Patients” fundraiser.

Students had the chance to participate in “Dollar Days.” For one dollar, they could buy an extra credit pass from a participating teacher.

On Wednesday, February 12, the student body had the opportunity to participate in a school wide activity “Stuck for a Buck.” Students who wished to purchase a piece of duct tape for one dollar could have the chance to tape fellow student, Hunter Folsom to the wall.

At our remaining home basketball games, our StuCo members collected change during the “Chuck your Change” blanket toss. This took place during the half time activities of the varsity boys basketball game. Community members could’ve also donated change to the “change bucket” located at the Project Prom cake raffle table.

All proceeds collected during the “Pennies for Patients” campaign in February were sent directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.






TCHS blood drive

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By Dawson Arnold
The Trego Community High School had their annual Red Cross Blood Drive on November 16. The school exceeded their goal of 46 donations with an ending total of 51. This earned them a $250 scholarship.

Many of the donations came from students, and twenty one students had appointments to the blood drive.

Donor Julian Coker commented on her first donation.

“Although I was nervous and it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, I am still glad the blood I gave will save a life.”

In addition to the student donors, many student council members helped make the day successful. A few students worked at the admissions table, others escorted donors to the canteen, and other student council members worked the canteen. FCCLA members made sandwiches for the donors.

TCHS would like to thank all the community members who donated and Pat Haxton, Carl Mohler, and Taylor Tomsic for finding tables for the event.



Homecoming success

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By Katie Ward
TCHS students had a busy Homecoming Week, September 11 through 16.

On Monday, it was “Crazy Hair Day” for the students of TCHS. To kick off the morning, the students decorated their halls with a class theme.

On Tuesday, the students colored the halls on “Color Day.” Each class had a different color to represent their grade. Freshmen were pink, sophomores were blue, juniors were yellow, and seniors were black.

On Wednesday, since it was picture day, the STUCO club created a “Dress Your Best Day.” That afternoon, the FCCLA hosted the Powder Puff football game for the students.

On Thursday, the TCHS students and faculty took it back with “Decades Day” by dressing as their favorite decade. Later that evening, the seniors painted the downtown streets. Following that, the FFA sponsored a bonfire to burn the Bulldog effigy.

On Friday, taking it up a notch, the TCHS showed their Golden Eagle pride with “Purple and Gold Day”.  The Eagles spent their last two class periods enjoying a round of Knockerball, along with face painting and fence decorating.

After the high school shenanigans, they took a trip down to Main Street on the back of trailers and fire trucks to show more Eagle pride with Trego Grade School for a pep rally.

Before the Homecoming game, the candidates were selected, and the 2017 king and queen, Brendan Flax and Aleah Howard, were crowned.

Student Council would like to thank the Booster Club, Fire Department, the LEC,  those who donated and drove convertibles, and all those who helped to make this year’s Homecoming celebrations a success.







2017 Homecoming candidates


The Homecoming candidates for 2017, from left to right, are as follows: Brady Mattke, Aleah Howard, Austin Kinderknecht, Bailey Mattke, Janae Huxman, Hunter Folsom, Emma Anderson, and Brendan Flax.