Front row from left: Cambrie Kemp, Janae Huxman, Madison Schoenthaler, Cassidi Hickson, Sarah Schoenberger, Emma Anderson, and Taylor Sells.
Middle row: Aleah Howard, Dalton Mai, Adrianne Carr, Brenna Flax, Bailey Mattke, Brendan Flax, and Hunter Folsom.
Back row: Evan Wilds, Austin Cramer, Bernard Giefer, Keagan Shubert, Kelby Aschenbrenner, Helen Giefer, Jenna Howard, and Ruchi Bhakta.



NHS honors students

NHS honors students

After working hard all semester, honor roll student Anthony Scott receives a sucker from NHS member Sarah Schoenberger.  NHS made goodie bags and suckers for all honor roll students.  “We want to promote and encourage academics,” said Schoenberger. “Plus it is nice to be recognized for our hard work, especially when the recognition comes in the form of chocolate.” NHS sponsor Nora Schoenthaler would like to give a special thanks to Bailey Mattke for putting the goodie bags together.



NHS blanket toss

The TCHS National Honor Society held their annual blanket toss during the home basketball game against TMP on January 9.  All of the proceeds were sent to Harvesters of Kansas City, a large food bank that provides for kids and adults throughout the surrounding areas.

“NHS is often thought of as simply an academic organization; however, it also involves leadership, character, and service.  Since these are all the areas a student has to excel in in order to be inducted to the group, it makes sense that our members should continue to develop their skills and serve their community,” stated sponsor Nora Schoenthaler.

NHS service committee member Kelby Aschenbrenner also commented on the importance of serving others.

“Everyone needs help sometimes, and the fact that we can help an organization who works to help all those in need makes the world a better place.”

The NHS would like to thank all of those who donated to this worthy cause.



New members for National Honor Society

NHS Induction 2017
New members Back row left to right: Brenna Flax, Kelby Aschenbrenner, Jenna Howard, Dalton Mai, Hunter Folsom, and Keagan Shubert. Front row left to right: Cambrie Kemp, Helen Giefer, Austin Cramer, Ruchi Bhakta, and Adrianne Carr.

By Clay Burk
The national honor society inductions were held in the auditorium on November 3.

National honor society is an organization whose members were recognized for developing and maintaining the qualities of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.

To qualify, first students must either be a junior or a senior and maintain a certain grade point average. Next, they must write a short description of their qualities in each area and submit two recommendations.

The evening began with a welcome and a candle ceremony in which present members lit a candle to represent each of the four qualities. The candle ceremony was followed by the introduction to the new members and each member’s parents came forward and gave an NHS pin to their child.

Present members include Emma Anderson, Brendan Flax, Bernard Giefer, Cassidi Hickson, Aleah Howard, Janae Huxman, Bailey Mattke, Sarah Schoenberger, Madison Schoenthaler, and Taylor Sells. The newly inducted were Kelby Aschenbrenner, Ruchi Bhakta, Adrianne Carr, Austin Cramer, Brenna Flax, Hunter Folsom, Helen Giefer, Jenna Howard, Cambrie Kemp, Dalton Mai, Keagan Shubert, and Evan Wilds.