KAY badminton

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Kay hosted a school wide badminton tournament in the old gym at TCHS on March 14.The tournament was double elimination with sixteen teams of two participating. The first place finishers were Sean and Ian Conness, Lexus and Alex Haxton took second, and Leyton Brock and Keagan Shubert took third.




Dreams come true

KAY Speaker
Displaying his graphic novel, Fieldhouse, Scott Novasel tells the story of becoming a walk-on player for the KU men’s basketball team to students on February 21.

By Emarie Schoenthaler
High school and junior high students gathered in the TCHS auditorium to listen to Scott Novasel, a KAY sponsored speaker, on February 21.

Novasel is the author of the book Fieldhouse, a graphic novel that tells the true story of his dreams coming true.

Novasel spoke to students about dreams and what it takes to achieve them. He said there are three ingredients; challenges, positive attitude, and teamwork.

Novasel had always wanted to play for Roy Williams, former KU men’s basketball head coach. Novasel worked hard throughout high school and college to become a walk-on his senior year.

That year, KU won the national title.






TCHS KAY club soars

KAY 1/31
KAY members discuss their activities at the unit conference in Ellis on January 31.

By Emarie Schoenthaler
The TCHS KAY club has had a full schedule of activities.

First, they hosted their annual Winter Dance on January 28. Students gathered under flashing lights in the TCHS commons area from 8-10 p.m. Those who attended enjoyed cookies and punch, and music played via aux cord on a student’s iPhone.

Then the KAY club was presented with the Gold Star Award, which was given to only ten clubs out of 250 in Kansas, on January 30.

They were originally supposed to receive this award on November 5, but the club was unable to attend the ceremony. The presenter, Cheryl Gleason, made an appearance at TCHS to give the award to the club in an all-school assembly.

The TCHS KAY club was honored with this award due to their long-standing leadership training, student attendance, and fulfilling hosting responsibilities.

The next day, sixteen KAY club members traveled to the KAY unit conference in Ellis on January 31. The group attended to discuss their activities and share ideas with other organizations.

The theme for the unit conference was “Lights, Camera, Action.” The unit conference is designed to focus on club leadership at the local level in addition to developing teamwork.

The members discussed what they have done so far this 2016-2017 school year. These activities include the Downtown Halloween Festival, cleaning the stands after a basketball game, hosting the Badminton tournament, and the Winter Dance.

The KAY club plans to do the LTC Promenade and a Girl’s Day.


Eagle fashion shows spirit

KAY spirit
Cheering on the Eagles, students wear their ugly Christmas sweaters to show school spirit at a home game on December 20.

By Emarie Schoenthaler
If you have attended a home TCHS basketball game this season, you may have noticed something different about the students in the student section. Students have been wearing some strange costumes all in the name of school spirit.

KAY is behind this idea of “Spirit Days.” KAY has several committees and each one is responsible for a service project. Bailey Mattke is the head of the Service to School Committee, which is the group that came up with the Spirit Days.

Mattke stated, “The purpose is to promote sportsmanship. Students dress up to show their support of the school and teams.”

Some of the Spirit days include blackout, pink out, purple and gold, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Pink out and blackout has had the best response.

Cheerleader Sarah Schoenberger commented on the project. “It is a cool idea and lots of fun, but I wish more people would dress up.”

Mattke responded that this is the first year and it needs to be given time. “It will catch on.”




KAY dodgeball for a good cause

With his family looking on, Keagan Shubert prepares to knock-out an opponent with a well-aimed dodgeball. KAY sponsored dodgeball for the student body on November 22.  Seven teams participated in the event, and the team of Emmit Owens, Ian Conness, Carson Cook, Sage Dinkel, Dalton Mai, and Alex Haxton took first place.   In order to participate, students had to bring one canned item for the food pantry.   As a result, KAY was able to collect approximately 42 items. KAY Dodgeball

KAY’s great honor

By Alyssa Hafliger
The TCHS KAY was honored for "their long history of distinguished service and student leadership training" on November 5.  This special tribute was hosted by the Kansas Association of Youth Alumni Network and took place at the KSHSAA office in Topeka.

Only ten clubs out of 250 clubs in Kansas received this honor, and TCHS was selected because of its history of student leadership.

"The TCHS KAY program started during the 1947-48 school year and has a long-standing tradition of student attendance at leadership training events as well as hosting several regional events.  The TCHS club has an impressive record of goal attainment, service participation and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others."  Two of their longest serving sponsors include Della Ohlemeier and Karen Flax.  LaTrisha Flax is the current sponsor.

President Kacie Dunn reflected on what it means to all the members to receive such an award. “It’s a great honor to receive this recognition for all the hard work we have put in through the years.”


KAY Area Conference

Posing for the camera, the KAY club attended the area conference in Quinter on November 2.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS KAY organization traveled to Quinter to participate in their area conference on November 2.

The theme for the conference was “Lights, Camera, Action!” The Club received the “Gold” Award for their student leadership and service to their school, community, nation and world for the 2015-2016 school year.

The club also got to listen to speaker Chris Fantasky.

Ten members attended:  Kacie Dunn, Sarah Schoenberger, Leyton Brock, Libby Frost, Gracie Pfannestiel, Bailey Mattke, Janae Huxman, Emma Anderson, Dillion Dunn, and Cooper Desormiers. Desormiers also ran for area president.

Desormiers commented on his experience, “It was exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. It was also a lot of fun and I would do it again.”


TCHS organizations help with Trick-or-Trunk

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Student organizations worked with the Trego Recreation Commission to host the Trick-or-Trunk event held downtown on October 31.

The TRC worked closely with KAY to help organize the activity. TCHS student organizations then volunteered to decorate trunks, hand out candy, or play games such as balloon darts, sack races, and knock down the pins.

The TRC also sponsored a costume contest and hosted a free hotdog feed.

Freshmen Carter Minson commented on the event.

“I thought it was really interesting to see the whole community gather together and celebrate Halloween.”






Meet the Eagles

By Cambrie Kemp
On August 29, students, parents, and people of the community gathered together to attend the annual

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“Meet the Eagles” event at TCHS.

The night began with an introduction by KAY President, Kacie Dunn and Vice President, Madison Schoenthaler.  After the introduction, Craig Malsam, principal at TCHS, introduced the new faculty.

Next, Brandy Schoenberger, dance line coach, introduced the 2016-17 TCHS Golden Girls who performed in front of the audience.

Following the performance, all organizations were given a chance to speak and share information about their club and reasons to join. Next, coaches of track, golf, basketball, wrestling, tennis, cross country, volleyball, state powerlifting, football, and cheerleading were introduced and given time to talk about their teams.

The assembly was concluded with the TCHS Cheer Squad performing a variety of cheers.

To conclude the evening, parents and students were given an opportunity to sign up for clubs and pay dues. Finally, KAY members served the first 200 people grilled hot dogs, a cookie, chips, and a refreshing drink.



“Lights, action, camera”

KAY Leadership Camp 2016

KAY Camp
Front from left: Tyler Malsam, Caden Brown; (back) Emma Day, Lili Shubert, and Gavin Garza

Approximately 235 student leaders from across the state of Kansas gathered at Rock Springs 4-H Center, Junction City, July 25-29, for a “SUPERFANTASTIC” session of KAY (Kansas Association for Youth) Leadership Camp.  The KAY program is a character-building, leadership-training, service organization directed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association and is designed for all students in grades 6-12.

KAY is a nationally acclaimed organization unique to Kansas which provides Kansas students an opportunity to assume their citizenship responsibilities and enrich their personalities through well-organized programs.  These programs educate and inspire the members into carefully planned service projects which emphasize four areas: school, community, nation and world.

At KAY Leadership Camp (KLC), student leaders representing their KAY organizations, receive organizational and leadership training and learn about new and exciting service projects.  They are given the opportunity to meet and share ideas with hundreds of KAY members from all over the state.  Activities during the week include team and mascot meetings, leadership labs, special interest options, creative projects, housing service projects, and recreational activities. Each evening includes a special activity for campers and staff.

Front from left: Kacie Dunn, Rylee Spencer, Gracie Pfannenstiel; (back) Cooper Desormiers, Dillon Dunn, and Libby Frost

The camp theme this summer was “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION”!  At KLC, campers were provided a memorable time as they discovered the potential they have to make a difference as well as the rewards in serving others.  Student campers have the opportunity to develop lifetime leadership skills, lasting friendships across the state, a sense of responsibility and pride as they serve, and an attitude of doing for others because it’s the right thing to do!

A great deal of spirit, motivation and enthusiasm was generated from this time together.  Campers return to their clubs with a better understanding of their individual potential and the KAY organization.  They realize that as an active leader in their club, “YES I CAN” truly make a difference with their “I Get To” attitude.

KAY student leaders from USD 208 attending KAY Leadership Camp this summer were Tyler Malsam, Caden Brown, Emma Day, Lili Shubert, Gavin Garza, Kacie Dunn, Rylee Spencer, Gracie Phannenstiel, Dillon Dunn, and Libby Frost.

The junior high sponsor is Stephanie Hafliger, and the high school club is sponsored by LaTrisha Flax.

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