Tillie Malinowsky teaches 3rd and 4th graders about horses

FFA hosts Kids Ag Day

By Mikiah Mermis
Third and fourth graders from Trego Grade School and Ellis Grade School attended the Kids Ag Day held at Terry and Judy Long’s property on October 4. Trego brought four classes and Ellis brought two.

A few students from WaKeeney FFA brought animals for the kids to experience up close. Desiree Littlechild brought a pig, Taylor Riedel brought cattle, Tille Malinowsky brought equine (horse), and Lacy Windholz brought a rabbit.

A game warden came and spoke about different species, their habitats, and ways of life. Dustin Mattke taught the children about shoeing horses, how to trim hooves, and the tools needed. The Trego County Extension Office helped entertain kids by making instant ice-cream in a bag.

Kate Howland, the Trego FFA sponsor, organized and made Kids Ag Day 2018 a success. However, she could not have done it without Stacie Minson, who was a huge help when it came to setting up the event and helping make the day run smoothly.

Parker Opat, the FFA president commented on the day.

“The Kids Ag Day 2018 went exceptionally well and was a very educational experience for kids to better understand what the Ag field has to offer.”


ParkerOpat Pres.


Carter Minson V.P.