FFA vet science team takes seventh

Vet Science
Concentrating intently, Madison Hafliger works on her identification at the FFA Vet Science Contest on November 27th

By Madison Hafliger
On November 27, Trego FFA members Madison Hafliger, Helen Giefer, Sybil Giefer, and Mikiah Mermis traveled to Colby to participate in the annual vet science contest.

The contest consists of an exam with 50 questions about animal health and diseases, a ten question math test with questions about dosage, weight, temperature, etc., and an ID section where students have to identify animals, veterinary tools, and parasites.

For the senior division, Helen Giefer placed 1st with a score of 205, Madison Hafliger was 8th with 160 points, and Sybil Giefer achieved twenty-second with 142 points. Mikiah Mermis finished eleventh in the Greenhand division with a score of 115.

Mikiah Mermis, who is a first time attendee, weighed in on the event.

“It was a new and interesting experience.”








FFA tastes, sniffs, and tests their way to a fifth-place finish

Carefully pouring a chemical into his batch of milk, Isaac Brungardt tests for mastitis.

By Mikiah Mermis
On November 19 in Russell, students Mikiah Mermis, Jordan Shull, Isaac Brungardt,  Hayden Opat, Tanner Sells, Matthew Hafliger, Parker Opat, Tillie Malinowsky, and Natalie Kinderknecht attended a food science event. Trego placed fifth out of 21 schools in two categories

When students arrived, groups were separated into whether they were doing food judging and dairy judging or just one of the two. Members who went to judge dairy observed the flavor of milk and taste and smell of cheeses. Other members had to take a 50 question test on dairy. Other students went into a room to test milk for mastitis.

During the food judging, members took a test over information they had learned beforehand. Then students performed aroma tests. Next, students went to a table where they tasted off-brand and name brand snacks and foods and deciphered the difference. Last, students read concerns about a food product and decided whether the complaint was a packaging or actual food flaw.

Kate Howland, the ag teacher, reflected on the food science event.

“It was a great experience for my Greenhands to participate in. I am also very proud of them for doing well. In addition, I am proud of my senior division students for stepping up to the plate and doing a job well-done.”


FFA hosts Kids Ag Day

By Mikiah Mermis
Third and fourth graders from Trego Grade School and Ellis Grade School attended the Kids Ag Day held at Terry and Judy Long’s property on October 4. Trego brought four classes and Ellis brought two.

A few students from WaKeeney FFA brought animals for the kids to experience up close. Desiree Littlechild brought a pig, Taylor Riedel brought cattle, Tille Malinowsky brought equine (horse), and Lacy Windholz brought a rabbit.

A game warden came and spoke about different species, their habitats, and ways of life. Dustin Mattke taught the children about shoeing horses, how to trim hooves, and the tools needed. The Trego County Extension Office helped entertain kids by making instant ice-cream in a bag.

Kate Howland, the Trego FFA sponsor, organized and made Kids Ag Day 2018 a success. However, she could not have done it without Stacie Minson, who was a huge help when it came to setting up the event and helping make the day run smoothly.

Parker Opat, the FFA president commented on the day.

“The Kids Ag Day 2018 went exceptionally well and was a very educational experience for kids to better understand what the Ag field has to offer.”



Greenhands gain FFA knowledge

Greenhands attending the conference were (left to right) Mikiah Mermis, Jordan Shull, Isaac Brungardt,  Hayden Opat, Tanner Sells, Matthew Hafliger, and Natalie Kinderknecht


By Mikiah Mermis
The 2018 FFA Greenhands attended the district Greenhand Conference on November 5 in Almena, Kansas. Students Mikiah Mermis, Jordan Shull, Isaac Brungardt, Hayden Opat, Tanner Sells, Matthew Hafliger, and Natalie Kinderknecht attended the event.

When students arrived, everyone played a round of ice breaker bingo. Afterwards, members observed the officers conducting a meeting so that they could become more familiar with proper procedures. Shortly after the meeting, all Greenhands were required to take a test on the history and present facts of FFA.

During the breakout sessions, the Greenhands did multiple fun activities. They had a rotation where they played Jeopardy, a blindfolded race, and a rotation where they learned about SAE projects.

Hayden Opat and Matthew Hafliger were selected to be the two creed representatives who spoke for Trego.

Kate Howland, the Ag teacher, reflected on the conference.

“It was a great experience for my greenhands to go to and wear the official dress. I am very proud of them for competing and doing a great job representing WaKeeney FFA.”


Parker Opat

Parker Opat Pres.

Carter Minson

Carter Minson V.P.

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