FCCLA bright lights, bright future

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By Gracie Hickson
Trego FCCLA members got the privilege to attend the state meeting in Wichita on April 3-4.

The ten members who attended got up bright and early Monday morning to head to Wichita. Once the group arrived in Wichita, they went to the Kansas Food Bank to volunteer. After their hard work at the food bank, the group went to the mall to shop and eat. Then the group went ice skating.

After all the fun filled activities, the students headed to night one of the conferences where they received the “A Gift of Time” award. The TCHS FCCLA was one of the local organizations that received recognition. In order to earn this award, at least 50 percent of FCCLA member had to complete a minimum of 15 hours working with elderly in the community.

In addition to award ceremonies, attendees had a variety of activities called breakout sessions to choose from. Some of the breakout sessions that Trego attended were “Tools and Tips for Designing an Amazing Future” and “Take the Freeway to Safety Street.” Members were also invited to join a keynote presentation by Kevin Honeycutt. This session covered how to design your digital legacy by leveraging today’s tools to build an amazing future.

Members who attended included Emma Anderson, Sarah Schoenberger, Madison Schoenthaler, Paige Post, Taylor Zeman, Kacie Dunn, Gracie Hickson, Dillion Dunn, Gracie Pfannenstiel, and Bailey Mattke.



FCCLA week

By Gracie Hickson
February 6-14 was National FCCLA week at Trego Community High school. The school recognized it by dressing up each day that week.

The TCHS students came to school on Monday wearing their pajamas. Then on Tuesday students went from lazy to fancy on dress your best day.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day Wednesday was red out/fccla shirt day. Thursday students participated by wearing hats to school. On Friday students showed school spirit by wearing school colors on purple and gold day.

Points were awarded to members who participated. Members that earn the highest points can attend State meeting in April.


Trego girls create new football plays

By Alyssa Hafliger
The FCCLA hosted Powder Puff football to help celebrate Spirit Week. The classes formed teams and played on September 22.

The freshmen were matched up against the sophomores. The freshmen scored first, putting six points on the scoreboard.  Sophomore Brenna Flax put up six points for her team, making the score 6-6. Neither team scored during the second half. However, in overtime the sophomores had a touchdown and a two-point conversion, making the final score 14-6.

The seniors then faced off against the juniors. The juniors scored first, but the seniors soon answered with their own touchdown. In the second half, Janae Huxman scored for the juniors, and Emily Buchholz added points for the seniors. 

The senior coaches, made up of senior boys, had a hard time getting their players to listen. At one point, player Lexus Haxton shouted, “I do whatever I please.” She had the right idea because in the final seconds, she ran all the way down the field for a senior touchdown. The seniors stole the victory, 18-12.

The competition was all in fun, and the crowd was entertained by some unique football plays and some creative freshmen cheerleaders.  Student Council would like to thank FCCLA for sponsoring a big Spirit Week hit.


Superstars of FCCLA

FCCLA Conference
FCCLA members attended the district A Fall Leadership Conference on October 5.

By Gracie Hickson
Some FCCLA members got the opportunity to travel to Hoxie to attend the District A Fall Leadership Conference on October 5.

Trego had twenty members and one sponsor attend the conference.  This year’s theme was “Superstars of FCCLA.” 

The conference kicked-off with introductions of the district officers. After the opening ceremony, the president introduced the key note speaker, C.J. Luckey.  Luckey spent an hour speaking and rapping to the students about bullying and respecting themselves. 

After lunch, everybody went to three breakout sessions.  These sessions included subjects about leadership, cooking, bullying, and being humble.  After the breakout sessions the district president concluded the conference with a closing ceremony.

Adrianne Car, the Co-Publicity officer of the Trego FCCLA organization, commented on the experience.

“I thought the speaker was cool because he was upbeat and really inspiring.”


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