Trego scholars bring home a gold medal

Scholars Bowl
Posing for a quick picture, the TCHS Scholars bowl team showed off their well-earned first place medals on November 7.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS scholars’ bowl team traveled to Oberlin and brought home a gold medal for taking first place on November 7.

Kicking off their series of wins, Trego faced St. Francis. The Eagles easily earned their first win of the night against the Indians, 50-20.

The team next battled Rawlins County. With a final score of 50-30, the Eagles triumphed over the opposing Buffalos.

Moving on to their third round, the Eagles soundly defeated the Goodland Cowboys, 70-10.

However, while in the fourth round, Trego took their first and only loss of the night against the home team, the Red Devils, with a score of 10-60.

Not fazed by this loss, they came back with a win by overtaking Norton by 10 points, 40-30.

The Eagles had a very close match with Phillipsburg in round seven but slipped past the Panthers with a score of 25-20.

Flying into the eighth round, Trego edged out Oakley with a score of 40-30.

The Eagles took another victory against Hoxie with a score of 40-10

During the final round, Trego showed no mercy to the Colby Eagles. With a score of 90-10, the team finished the meet on a good note.

The top point earner of the night was Helen Giefer who earned 16 questions for 160 points.