Scholars’ bowl travels to Western Plains

Scholars Bowl

Sketching work onto the scratch paper, the TCHS scholars’ bowl team tries to calculate the answer to the math question.

By Clay Burk
The Trego JV Scholars’ Bowl team thought hard at Western Plains on November 6, for a first place victory and a record of 5-0.

They started the night against Dighton, winning 55-30. They then played LaCrosse and won 80-30. Their third round against Healy was another win 70-30. They won a fourth victory against Western Plains 60-30. Their fifth and final match was against Northern Valley, where they won 80-40.

Sophomore Benjamin Anderson answered the most questions for the JV team for 130 points.

Others on the team were Sydney Boyle, Dillon Dunn, Wyndom Giefer, and Taylor Sells.

The scholars’ bowl varsity team ended the night in a three way tie for first. In the end, they got second place medals with a record of 6-1.

Like the JV, they started off against Dighton and after a close match won with a score of 30-20. Their next round was with Otis-Bison where they won 60-15. They then won against Palco, 50-0. Their fourth round was against Healy, where they won 25-10. The next round against Northern Valley was a win of 50-10. The sixth round against Lacrosse was their only loss with an ending score of 40-60. Their seventh and final match was another victory with a score of 50-30.

Junior Helen Giefer was the top scorer of varsity with a score of 14 questions answered correctly.

Others on varsity were Kelby Aschenbrenner, Ruchi Bhakta, Clay Burk, Sybil Giefer, and Aaron Windholz.