Trego Scholars' Bowl travels to Norton

By Helen Giefer
On January 26, Trego Scholars' Bowl made the trip to Norton to compete against 13 other teams. Though the team took fourth and missed medaling by one place, they worked hard and made it to the finals.

In the first round, Trego played Northern Valley and ended with a victory, scoring 70 points to Northern Valley’s 10. Next, the Eagles had a ghost round and gained 80 points. After that, Trego competed against Smith Center and won with a score of 45-15. In the round against Norton’s second team, the Eagles took their first loss, and the round ended with the score of 60-70. Coming back in round six, Trego was victorious over Colby with the score 70-20. In the last round before semifinals, the Eagles had a win over Oberlin, ending with a score of 70-20.

Trego struggled in semifinals. In the first round, they lost to Norton’s first team with a score of 40-90.  The Eagles lost to Atwood in finals with a score of 40-50.

Scoring the most points for the team, Bernard Giefer, Helen Giefer, and Benjamin Anderson each answered 14 questions correctly. Also competing were Ruchi Bhakta, Valerie Scott, and Sybil Giefer.

The team will next compete in their Regional meet at Leoti on February 2.