Scholars bowl has busy week

Scholars Bowl 1/23-24
Answering the most questions correctly, Ruchi Bhakta and Helen Giefer earn the honor of top scorers at the Scholars’ Bowl Tournaments on January 23 and 24.
By Michael Knight
Trego Eagles took their knowledge to both Quinter and Phillipsburg January 23-24. The team had a 6-1 record at Quinter and came home with second place medals.  The next night, while Trego took some wins at Phillipsburg, they were not able to place.

The Eagles started the Quinter meet by securing the victory against Healy, 40-20. They went on to win their next five rounds against Ness City, 50-0; Quinter, 7 –20; Dighton, 30–0; Colby, 40 – 30; and Western Plains 40-20. In the finals, Trego faced-off against Hill City. Unfortunately, Hill City managed to win with a 30–60 score, which gave the Eagles a second place finish.

Helen Giefer answered 16 questions correctly and was the top scorer at Quinter.

The team consisted of Giefer, Bernard Giefer, Janae Huxman, Valerie Scott, and Ruchi Bhakta.

The next day, the team traveled to Phillipsburg. Trego started the tournament with a win against Stockton, 70–30.  They then competed against Plainville and Osborne but could not quite manage the win. Trego, wanting to redeem themselves, took on Ellis and buzzed in with enough correct answers to win, 50–40. In the last match of the day, Trego faced-off with Phillipsburg. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to secure the win, losing 5-45.

Answering six questions correctly earned Ruchi Bhakta the honor of top scorer at Phillipsburg. 

The team members attending the Phillipsburg meet included Bhakta, Valerie Scott, Kelby Aschenbrenner, Aaron Windholz, and Clay Burk.