Trego scholars’ bowl goes 5-4 at Hill City

By Sybil Giefer
At Hill City on Monday, December 4, TCHS’s scholars’ bowl team competed, finishing the day with a 5-4 record.

In the first round against Hoxie, Trego won with a score of 50-10. Bernard Giefer answered four questions correctly, and Brenna Flax answered one.

Trego went against Stockton in their second round but fell short, ending the round with a loss of 25-50. Ruchi Bhakta answered two correct questions, and Flax answered one.

Though facing tough competition in Northern Valley, the Eagles’ scholars’ bowl team pulled through with a win in the third round of 40-30. Giefer correctly answered three questions, and Flax answered one.

Coming out with a winning score of 50-20, TCHS defeated Thunder Ridge in the fourth round. Giefer answered three questions, Bhakta answered one, and Flax answered one.

In a rough round, Trego fell 10-60 against Ellis in the fifth round. Giefer correctly answered one question.

The Eagles came back with a win against Plainville in the sixth round. With a score of 30-10, Giefer correctly answered the three questions that earned all of their points.

In the seventh round, Trego once again fell to Hill City Black with a final score of 20-60. Bhakta and Flax each answered one question correctly.

In round eight, however, against Hill City Red, TCHS came out victorious finishing the round 30-20. Giefer answered three questions.

In the final round, Trego fell to Osborne 60-50. Giefer answered three questions, Bhakta answered one, and Valerie Scott answered one.

Bernard Giefer finished the day as the Eagle’s top scorer with a total of 17 questions correctly answered.

The Eagles will next compete at Russell on Monday, December 18.