scholars bowl
Scholar's Bowl

Front row from left: Jericho Wagner, Aaron Windholz, Brenna Flax, Valerie Scott, Kelby Aschenbrenner, and Benjamin Anderson.

Back row from left: Bernard Giefer, Clay Burk, Taylor Sells, Ruchi Bhakta, Austin Cramer, and Dillon Dunn. Not pictured: Helen Giefer, Sybil Giefer, and Wyndom Giefer.




Trego hosts Scholars Bowl meet

By Wyndom Giefer
On October 31, the Trego scholars’ bowl team helped make the home meet a success.

As the scholars bowl team does not participate in their home meet, they helped out in their own rooms. Team members did most of the work including using buzzers, timing, official scoring, as well as non-official scoring.

Dawn Knipp, the scholars’ bowl coach, added that “[The meet ran] exceptionally well. Coaches gave lots of compliments, and it's due to our great workers.”

The Trego scholars’ bowl team would like to thank all the volunteers who helped with the meet.

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