Trego senior performs at State KMEA


Senior Austin Cramer participated in the State KMEA Mixed Choir in Wichita, this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Feb. 21-23rd at the State KMEA Convention. He went through rigorous District KMEA Auditions and was also selected to be in the State Choir at that time. The State KMEA Mixed Choir Concert is Saturday at 11:00 in Century II.  He will be singing Bass 2, and he is to be commended for all the hours he has put in practicing and preparing. Congratulations, Austin, and thanks for all your hard work!

Trego students perform well at State

State Piano Participants

Helen Giefer, Sybil Giefer, Libby Frost, and Wyndom Giefer all participated in the State Piano Festival Saturday, February 16th at Wichita State. They also all received I ratings on their piano solos.  They were able to participate in the State Music Festival after receiving I ratings at Regional Piano on Febrary 2nd, at FHSU.
Helen Giefer played the first movement of Sonata in C Minor, Op. 13, by Beethoven.
Sybil Giefer played Tarentella by Pieczonka.
Libby Frost played Fantasy in D Minor by Mozart.
Wyndom Giefer played L'Orage (The Storm), Op. 119, No. 13 by Burgmuller.
Congratulations to these talented piano players who are all students of Karol Hickel.




Students find success at regional piano

Regional Piano

On Saturday, February 2, four students from TCHS participated in the Regional Piano contest. All four earned one ratings and qualified for the State competition in Wichita on February 16. Wyndom Giefer played L’Orage by Burgmuller. Sybil Giefer performed Tarentella by Pieczonka. Helen Giefer played Sonata No. 8 in C Minor by Beethoven. Libby Frost entertained the judge with Fantasy in D Minor by Mozart.




KMEA All-State Honor Choir

Seniors (from left to right) Austin Cramer and Brenna Flax (alternate) selected for All-State Mixed Honor Choir.

By Austin Cramer
Seniors Austin Cramer and Brenna Flax have been recognized by the Kansas Music Educators’ Association for their astounding vocal skills. Austin Cramer is one of 256 students in the state of Kansas that was selected to perform in the All-State Mixed Honor Choir. Brenna Flax was selected as an alternate to perform in the All-State Mixed Honor Choir as well.

To make it into the All-State Honor Choir, each student must do a live audition. Initially, this audition is used to determine who gets to perform in the District Honor Choir, but is then sent on to the state level to be scored. Before a student is able to attend state, he or she must first perform at the district level. If they perform in the district concert and score high enough at the state level, they are selected to perform in the All-State Honor Choir.

The songs that the mixed choir will be performing are Jubilate Deo: Movement I from Jubilate Deo (by Dan Forrest), The Beatitudes (by Troy D. Robertson), Cantate Domino (by Giovanni Croce), Fear Not (by Daniel Schreiner), Ngokujabula!: Movement IV from Jubilate Deo (by Dan Forrest), and The Runner (by Joshua Rist).

The songs that the treble choir will be singing are Gloria from Mass No. 6 (by Gyorgy Orban), Let all the World in Every Corner Sing (by Andrea Ramsey), Cantate Domino (by Heinrich Schutz/Leck), Carrickfergus (by Sean Ivory), Arise My Soul, Arise (by Dan Forrest), and El Vito (arr. Joni Jenson).

The concerts for both the All-State Mixed and Treble Honor Choirs will be held on February 23 at 11:00 a.m. at the Century II Convention Center in Wichita, Kansas.





TCHS choir spreads Christmas cheer

Performing a series of Christmas songs, the TCHS choir spreads some cheer to its audience at the annual Christmas concert held on December 10.


Northwest KMEA District Honor Concert

Far right, Austin Cramer, and third from right, Brenna Flax, are honored with medals for being selected to the choir for all four years.

By Austin Cramer
Several students among the high school and elementary school were selected to perform in the Northwest KMEA District Honor Concerts on December 8 in the Beach Schmidt Auditorium at Fort Hays State University.

Opening up the afternoon, the elementary honor choir performed at 12:30 p.m. in the auditorium. The songs that they performed were How Far I’ll Go (arr. Ed Lojeski), Standing in the Light of Love (by Russell Robinson), Haba Na Haba (by Jerry Estes), Oye La Musica (by Jay Althouse), and Angels Among Us (arr. Pete Schmutte). Those students who were picked from Trego to perform in the concert were Madigan Hille, Tegan Lang, Brecken Walt, Keira Lee, and Graycee Popp.

Following the elementary honor choir, the high school honor choir performed their concert at 3:30 p.m. Getting into the high school honor choir is different from the elementary honor choir. In order to get in, students in the northwest Kansas region have to do a live audition and have to be selected to make it in. The songs that the choir performed were Gloria from Mass No. 6 (by Gyorgy Orban), Jubilate Deo: Movement I from Jubilate Deo (by Dan Forrest), To the Mothers in Brazil/Salve Regina (by Lars Jansson), and Cry Out and Shout (by Knut Nystedt). Those students who were picked from Trego to perform in the concert were Austin Cramer, Brenna Flax, Shaelyn Cleland, and Jessika Chapman.

To wrap up the afternoon, the high school honor band took the stage and performed at 4:30. To close the day’s concerts, the honor band, combined with the high school honor choir, performed Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz.

Each year, the district honors students who have made it into the district honor choir all four of their years in choir. This year, Austin Cramer and Brenna Flax were given this award.




Murder, mystery, and mayhem at TCHS

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The TCHS choir’s performance was full of mystery, mayhem, and merriment at their annual musical entitled Murder at Crimson House held on November 9 and 10 in the high school auditorium.

The play is set in Crimson House, where owner Rebecca Fitzwillim overcharges her guests. Hercules Porridge, Jr. does his best to find out why, but when a corpse is found in the sitting room and a secretary is shot with a poison dart, the mystery only deepens. The mystery isn’t made any easier to solve due to the eccentric and perhaps insane residents.  The play kept the audience thoroughly entertained through many twists and turns in this comedic whodunit.

The program ended with Austin Cramer thanking all those who helped make the play a success. Of course, the biggest thanks went to Kathy Jamison for all her hard work and patience in directing the musical.







Students travel to Hill City for MCL Vocal Clinic

MCL Vocal Clinic mass choir performing their last five numbers


By Austin Cramer
The TCHS choir, along with choirs from Plainville, Hill City, Stockton, Oakley, and Ellis, came together on November 5, 2018, to participate in the MCL Vocal Clinic, directed by Dr. Ryan Olsen from Baker University.

Each year, six schools from this region come together for a whole afternoon to sing in a mass choir. This year’s clinic was hosted by Hill City. Dr. Ryan Olsen, who is the Director of Choral Activities at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas, was asked to direct five songs. These songs included America (arr. by Mary McDonald), Stand Together (by Jim Papoulis), Like A Mighty Stream (arr. by Moses Hogan), You Raise Me Up (arr. by Mark Hayes), and Sisi Ni Moja (by Jacob Narverud).

Along with the five songs sung as a mass choir, each school had to prepare two songs to showcase their individual choirs. The whole TCHS choir opened up with The Rhythm of Life (arr. by John Leavitt), and finished with the Trego Singers performing A Million Dreams (by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul), which is a song from The Greatest Showman.




TCHS Choir presents Murder at Crimson House, on November 9 and 10