Spring Tea for our Veterans

By Alyssa Hafliger

Gracie Hickson acts out an emotional scene from her serious solo for the Spring Tea on April 2. Members of the TCHS Forensics team performed at the VFW Auxiliary Spring Tea which was held to celebrate 80 years of supporting our veterans. The Auxiliary graciously donated $100 to the team to help with expenses of traveling to state. Libby Frost and Austin Cramer both presented their informative speeches, Gracie Hickson performed her serious solo, and Ryan Townley read a poem by Dr. Seuss. 

Spring Tea


Forensics hosts home meet

Home Meet
Needing to find a time and place for the 85 students who attended, Nan Brown diligently prepares a spread sheet to help organize the Trego forensics meet.

By Julian Coker
Thirteen schools attended our home forensics meet on Saturday, February 11. Since Trego hosted, they were not allowed to compete but instead were busy making sure everything ran smoothly.

Preparing for such an event takes a lot. The first step is to get other schools to commit to the meet. A week before the meet, Nan Brown asked coaches to send the numbers of entries per event. For Trego’s meet, schools were only allowed to have 18 entries.

From there, she assigned each school and code and began preparing a spread sheet that shows which students will participate in which event. The spread sheet took about 5 to 6 hours to create.

Then, Brown prepared the judging pool and made sure that school judges won’t judge their own student. In addition, she had to find rooms throughout the school for students to perform, get the hospitality room organized, and make sure the schools have the ballots they need. One important task is taking care of the tab room where all of the scores that determine who wins each round are brought.

All-in-all, it took about two weeks to prepare. The week of and the night before the meet were really what took all of the forensics team’s time, energy, and effort.
Brown commented, “By having Forensics as a class, my students were able to put ballots together, make signs, get rooms prepared, and help in areas that were needed. The class worked hard all week getting ready for the meet and handling little odd jobs, even some big jobs to make our meet a success.”

A challenge while setting up the meet was putting the teams in a grid, finding judges to work the meet, and then making sure the meet ran as smoothly as possible.

When the meet was finally over, many forensics students admitted they were “exhausted.”  However, all the hard work paid off because the meet was a huge success.

Schedule Story
1/28 @ Hill City
2/4 @ Norton
2/09 @ Osborne
2/18 @ Western Plains
2/23 @ Plainville
2/25 @ Hays High
3/4 @ Ellis
3/6 League @ Smith Center
4/1 @ TMP
4/6 @ Oakley
4/8 @ Colby
5/6 @ State