Front row from left: Michael Knight, Jayden Goff, Codi Bliss, and Grace' Glatz
Middle row: Isabel Escalante, Jessika Chapman, Austin Cramer, and Gavin Garza
Back row: Jericho Wagner, Dylan Johnson, and Logan Turley





Forensics earns hardware at Hays

Forensics 4/10
Joining for a group photo, the Trego forensics team placers smile for the camera.


By Gracie Hickson
The Trego forensics team ended their regular season by earning many medals at Hays High on Tuesday April 10.

Grace’ Glatz earned second with her prose piece, qualifying for state for the third time this year. Michael Knight and Gavin Garza took third in IDA, missing out on qualifying for state by one place. Benjamin Anderson earned fifth place in Extemporaneous speech. Jericho Wagner got sixth in Informative speech and Gracie Hickson got fifth. Hickson also took fourth in her serious solo.

Other participants were Jayden Goff with prose and poetry. Jessika Chapman and Isabel Escalante performed duet. Codi Bliss performed poetry and IDA with Grace’ Glatz.




TCHS forensics adds to season’s medals

Forensics 4/5

Showing excitement for breaking finals, Grace’ Glatz, Codi Bliss, Michael Knight, and Dylan Johnson point to their code numbers.

By Julian Coker
On April 5, the TCHS forensics team traveled to Oakley for a meet.

Dylan Johnson and Michael Knight placed third in IDA. Grace Glatz and Codi Bliss placed fifth in IDA.

Grace Glatz also placed third in her prose piece and Codi Bliss placed fifth with her poetry piece.

Other students attending the meet were Gracie Hickson, Jayden Goff, Isabel Escalante, and Jessika Chapman.

The next forensics meet will be April 12, at home.










Forensics scores some medals

Gathering for a picture, the forensics team poses with their hard earned medals.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS forensics team scored some medals as they traveled to Wheatland on February 17.

Grace Glatz brought her A-game and placed first with her prose piece, “The Good Mother” by Elise Sharron. She brought along her poetry piece as well but did not place.

Gracie Hickson did very well also as she performed her serious solo entitled “Staph Infection” by Clay McLeod Chapman and placed third overall. She did place fourth with her informative as well.

Dylan Johnson and Michael Knight impressed the judges with their IDA enough to place them in the sixth position by the end of the day.

Dylan Johnson, Michael Knight, and Jaden Goff all preformed prose pieces but did not place.

Coach, Nanette Brown weighed in on the team’s performance.

“For our small, six person team, we rocked on Saturday. We had one competitor sick, so our IDA was just thrown together. With that being said, they still managed to break into finals. Our team was little, but we came home with four medals.”





Trego forensics encounters success

League Forensics
After an exhausting day of performances, Gracie Hickson holds up her League medals.

The Trego Eagles forensics’ team attended the Ellis meet on Saturday, March 3, and League in Stockton on March 5.

On Saturday, eleven students attended and four students broke finals. Codi Bliss broke finals for the first time with her poetry piece, placing fourth. Gavin Garza and Austin Cramer performed together in IDA for the first time and took home a hard earned fourth place medal. Gracie Hickson also broke finals in her serious solo and her informative speech. Hickson placed sixth in both.

Trego then got up bright and early Monday morning to participate in MCL. The meet was very difficult, and the Eagles worked really hard. Sadly, with tough competition only one member made it to finals. Hickson ended up taking third place in her serious solo and fourth in her informative speech.









Forensics takes home two medals

Forensics team
Forensics members front left: Codi Bliss, Grace’ Glatz, Jessika Chapman. Back left: Austin Cramer, Dylan Johnson, Benjamin Anderson, and Gracie Hickson.

The Trego Eagles’s Forensics team took seven people to Norton on February 3 to face tough competition.

Grace’ Glatz had three impressive rounds in her prose which lead to her breaking finals and taking home a fifth place medal. Glatz’s peace was titled “The good Mother” By Elise Sharron. Gracie Hickson also broke finals with her serious solo “Staph Infection” By Clay Mcleod Chapman.  Qualifying for state, Hickson impressed all the judges with her performance and took home first.

Others who attended the meet were Dylan Johnson, Benjamin Anderson, Austin Cramer, and Codi Bliss with IDA, Johnson also took prose. Bliss and Glatz also took poetry and Hickson took an informative.







Take one for Eagles forensics

Gracie Hickson
Showing excitement for her fourth place medal, Gracie Hickson smiles for the camera.

The Trego Eagles forensics team took 4 people to Colby for their first meet of the year on January 27.

Gracie Hickson had an exciting day breaking finals with her solo “Staph Infection” by Clay McLeod Chapman. Hickson ended the day with fourth place.

Members who also attended were Dylan Johnson and Cody Bliss performing IDA, Bliss performed poetry, Johnson and Jayden Goff performed prose. Hickson also took an informative speech.